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eBay for Buyers Essential Training
Video duration: 0s 3h 24m Beginner Updated Oct 31, 2011


eBay for Buyers Essential Training shows how to shop in the international online marketplace, from finding and evaluating items and sellers to making purchases safely. The course offers tips and tricks for getting the best prices from trustworthy sellers, searching for goods, bidding, disputing transactions, and finding help through eBay Customer Support, educational resources, and communities.

Topics include:
  • Creating an eBay account
  • Contacting Customer Support
  • Browsing listings
  • Shopping for real estate and cars
  • Saving and filtering search results
  • Reviewing seller feedback
  • Reviewing payment terms and shipping options
  • Bidding and re-bidding on an item
  • Using the Shopping Cart feature
  • Handling problem transactions
  • Avoiding phishing attempts and scams


- Hi, I'm Christopher Spencer and I'd like to welcome you to eBay for Buyers Essential Training. During eBay for Buyers Essential Training we'll be covering the basics of getting started on eBay. We'll begin with registering for an eBay and PayPal account. Next we'll explore the eBay community and the helpful resources you'll find there. We'll talk about how to find super deals and how the various listing formats make buying faster, more affordable and fun. I'll demonstrate not only how to find an item that I wanna buy but I'll also review the listing to show what's important and what to look for on eBay sellers pages.

Finally, we'll talk about best practices for staying safe online and avoiding any possible pitfalls or scams that you may run into across the internet. I hope I've sparked your curiosity about eBay and I'm pleased to help guide you through this journey. Now let's jump right in and start eBay for Buyers Essential Training.

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