Captivate 5 Essential Training

with James Lockman
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Captivate 5 Essential Training
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In Captivate 5 Essential Training, author James Lockman demonstrates the core features of Captivate 5, the popular tool for authoring e-learning content such as interactive presentations, click-through simulations, and customized assessments. He shows how to import and sync PowerPoint presentations, add interactivity, and incorporate audio, video, and voiceovers. The course also includes tutorials on assessment reporting and integrating with SCORM-compliant learning management systems. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Touring the interface and workspaces
  • Building a basic project with shapes, objects, and text
  • Branding a presentation using master slides and object styles
  • Exploring user-based content at Captivate Exchange
  • Animating with the Timeline
  • Adding buttons, rollover images, and captions
  • Creating branching presentations
  • Working with templates
  • Recording a simulation
  • Creating assessments with customized questions
  • Setting up quiz reporting on
  • Exporting and sharing a project
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Hi! I am James Lockman, and I would like to welcome you to Captivate 5 Essential Training. In this course, I will show you how to use Captivate to create exciting presentations, software simulations, and e-learning programs. I'll show you how to build a project from scratch and use project templates and styles to create a branded presentation workflow. I'll demonstrate how to use your existing PowerPoint files in your Captivate projects, so you can take advantage of presentations you already have. We'll explore how to turn full motion screen capture into self-running movies, interactive trainings, and assessments.

I'll also introduce you to learning management systems, and show you some new options for managing your assessments. There're lots new here, so whether you are new to Captivate or a seasoned veteran, Captivate's features are sure to make your presentations and e-learning projects go more smoothly. Now, let's get right into Captivate 5 Essential Training.

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Q: I am having some problems with Captivate reviewer permissions and was directed to the following solution of James' blog, but I'm having trouble implementing it. Is there a simpler solution or has Adobe released a patch?

In order to execute the step entitled "Assign write permission to owners and groups", you need to enable the root user. In addition, you need to add the "sudo" command before the following steps in this section:

sudo chmod -R o+w Adobe\ Captivate\ Reviewer\
sudo chmod -R g+w Adobe\ Captivate\ Reviewer\

You can disable the root user when you're done with updating permissions.
A: Unfortunately, there is no patch. This is not an Adobe issue, but rather an issue with the way that Apple allows UNIX permissions within its file systems. For most cases, this is a good thing, but for this one case, it backfires. Just so you're aware, the issue persists in Captivate 5.5 as well.

This is the Adobe tech note on the problem:

My solution is a bit easier to follow, frankly.

Here is how to enable the root user on a Mac:
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