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By David Rivers |

Windows 7 RC Preview takes you under the hood of Microsoft Windows 7

Microsoft Windows 7 Release Candidate public beta is here and it’s yours for the taking! And the lynda.com newly released preview training for Windows 7, Windows 7 RC Preview, takes you under the hood of Microsoft’s successor to Windows Vista, exploring what’s new and enhanced in Microsoft’s newest operating system.

Many people resisted the jump from Windows XP to Vista, and for the most part, I would have to agree they had good reason. Windows 7 is not just a prettier version of Windows Vista. It’s stable, it’s fast, it’s secure, and it’s loaded with new and improved features designed to create a superb windows experience. In Windows 7 RC Preview, I tackle those features – not just telling you about them, but also guiding you through the steps to use them properly.

For example, the user interface contains a number of improvements to make life easier when performing those repetitive tasks, like searching for files and programs, switching between open programs, and arranging windows. You’ll be able to follow along with me as we explore and test these features with real programs and sample files.

In this title, we’ll also explore the new or enhanced windows apps and utilities included with Windows 7, including one that is sure appeal to those Windows XP users who are still nervous about changing their OS. If you’re thinking that upgrading to Windows 7 means you won’t be able to use those programs that run in Windows XP only, think again. I’ll show you how to setup and use the new Windows XP Mode to run your XP programs in a separate window, side by side with your Windows 7 programs.

Connecting to networks and connecting devices to your computer just became simpler in Windows 7, too, so we’ll be sure to explore features like Home Group, Device Stage, and Location Aware Printing in this title.

With the release of Windows 7 come new versions of Internet Explorer and Windows Live Essentials. Instant search capabilities, accelerators, and web slices in Internet Explorer 8 are exciting features that are covered in detail in this title. And if staying connected online is important to you, our coverage of the latest and greatest in Windows Live Essentials will help you to communicate online, synchronize your files online, and even share them securely.

Windows 7 will truly be considered a quality release and it has me excited for many reasons. As I researched for this title, the new features and enhancements had me blurting out “Wow!” on more than one occasion. I can’t wait to show you why.

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