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By Garo Green |

Windows 7 RC Beta Preview: Why we create training for beta software

I am proud to announce we have just released our Windows 7 RC Beta Preview title – check out David Rivers’ post that includes an introductory movie to the course. This title focuses on Microsoft Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC), the public beta version of their upcoming operating system and successor to Windows Vista.

Now, I am guessing some of you might be asking why we would create video training for beta software releases. I can imagine the comments and questions:

qIsn’t the Microsoft Windows 7 Release Candidate going to have a short shelf life and be obsolete in a few months?

aYes, that is correct; Windows 7 will be publically available to the masses on October 22nd. Even so, we remain committed to offering a complete education experience and want to make sure you know as much as possible about upcoming software releases. Besides, think of all the new things you can learn in a few months! For us, that is a priceless opportunity to provide you with more great training – beta version or not! In this case, with the public beta access we had the unique opportunity to provide training you can access before the software is available for purchase. As this is the largest operating system upgrade in the last 4+ years, we know many of you want to determine if this upgrade is right for you.

qNo other online video training company is publishing content for beta software. Why release this training for beta software?

aWe’ve always put our passion for teaching and sharing information ahead of everything else. We aren’t focused on what other companies are doing; we would rather focus on following our passion and helping you navigate this major software release. It’s our hope this title will not only give you a good working knowledge of the software and help you decide if you want to invest in this new operating system for your PC.

qDoes this mean you won’t be releasing any other Windows 7 video training content?

aThis is just the beginning; we will have a lot more training for Windows 7 and other upcoming Microsoft products, including our upcoming Windows 7 Essential Training. Our continued goal is to make sure we have the training you want, and when you need it. The release of Windows 7 RC Beta Preview also gives us the opportunity to hear your thoughts on this training content before we release our Windows 7 Essential Training title. For you, this means you have an opportunity to help us develop the final video training course! For us, this means we have the opportunity to develop the training so it’s even more relevant to your training needs. Please be sure to post your comments below or send an email to garo@lynda.com. We want to know what you liked and what you didn’t!

We really hope you enjoy this training, find it useful, and feel more prepared for the next version of Microsoft Windows.

Happy learning!

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