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By Colleen Wheeler |

This week’s Featured Five: Finding value

Did you know lynda.com unlocks a number of videos from each course we publish, so that even if you’re not a member you can watch a sampling to find out whether a course is right for your learning needs? The result is a trove of free video tutorials in our library just waiting to be discovered. To help you make your way through these free movies, each Monday I’ll post a themed round-up of five of my favorite videos here.

In this week’s theme we’ll be looking at videos that help you recognize value—either in your work, in your tools, or in yourself. Check out this selection of free videos pulled from the lynda.com library, and let us know in the comments section which videos your featured five list would include this week.

1. From our Invaluable series with Dave Crenshaw comes this third installment, Invaluable: Making Yourself Irreplaceable. In this movie titled Understanding Irreplaceablity and focus, from chapter one of the course, Dave explains how you can make yourself irreplaceable by identifying your most valuable activities, thus ensuring your position in your company. Once you’ve identified what makes you valuable, you can then focus on making sure you’re concentrating on what protects your personal value at work.

For more episodes from the Invaluable series, check out our Business segment.

2. Although our new course Budgeting Video Projectsfocuses on strategies for those in the video business, this free video, Determining Rates for Services, from chapter two of the course, has salient advice that is valuable for anyone working on creative business endeavors. Pricing your services is often a balancing act between determining your value and staying competitive. To help with that task, Rich Harrington gives you an objective list of all the things you should be considering when setting your rates.

3. If you’re trying to get the most value out of your tools, you may not feel like you’re quite ready to make a full-fledged financial commitment to Photoshop or the professional version of Adobe Premeire. This week we have two new courses that discuss the Elements version of Photoshop and Adobe Premiere, which come at a fraction of their professional counterparts cost, but still provide solid photo- or video-editing power.

With our new Photoshop Elements 10 Essential Trainingcourse, you can get started with organized and sophisticated photo editing. In this free video, Cropping photos, from chapter 14 of the course, Jan Kabili will show you how to use one of the most straightforward photo techniques—cropping your photo—to remove distracting elements and fine-tune your composition.

4. If you’re interested in getting started with video editing, our new course on Creating a Mini Documentary with Premiere Elements, will show beginning filmmakers how to create a simple mini-documentary from start to finish. In this free movie, Marking shots and adding clips to the Timeline, from chapter two of the course, you’ll see how to bring your clips into your first assembly edit.

When you’re ready to upgrade, or if your expertise requires more sophisticated tools from the get-go, you may find what you need in our library of Photoshop and Premiere Pro courses.

5. Finally, if you’re interested in using the Facebook timeline to promote your business, or just keep your personal relationships going, we’ve updated chapter two of our Facebook Essential Training course to include this free tutorial, Understanding and managing your timeline.

Remember, 10 percent of all lynda.com content is free to try. Just click on any of the blue links on any course table of contents page in our library.

lynda.com free tutorials can be found in blue on course table of contents pages.

Have you come across any particularly exciting free content this week? Please leave us a comment in the section below. We’d love to hear what is working for you!

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