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By Rick Allen Lippert | Saturday, December 20, 2014

Video Conference Lighting Tips You Can Do at Home

get great video conference lighting at home

If you watch TV news, then you’ve seen interviews conducted over the Internet. Almost without fail, the people in those interviews look terrible.

They rely on either the overhead light in the room or they sit with their backs against a window—or both.

Whether it’s your 15 minutes of fame, an important job interview, or just chatting online with friends or relatives, there are a few simple things you can do to get great video conference lighting at home. The best part: You can do it with just one or two lamps.

By Megan O. Read | Friday, August 21, 2009

Author news: Meet Soundtrack Pro 3 trainer & new lynda.com author Rick Allen Lippert

ricklippert I caught up with first-time lynda.com author Rick Allen Lippert this week, and had the pleasure of learning about his start in broadcasting, love of creative writing, and even who some of his heros are.

Rick is in town this week recording Soundtrack Pro 3 Essential Training for us, and how lucky we are to have him! As an Apple Certified Pro Apps Instructor, Adjunct Professor at several Oklahoma colleges, and owner of his own production company (Lippert Media LLC), he is a very busy bee, and all around nice person. Since his days as an undergrad, he’s known that he was not born to be a business major (perhaps to his parents’ chagrin), but rather Lippert found inspiration at the local college radio station in broadcasting. His career path has taken him in front of, and behind the camera, and as a teacher now, he relishes the opportunity to inspire young minds, and encourage them to find their own paths.

When talking to Rick, it’s clear that he has a great deal of experience in broadcasting. I asked him what he found impressive and inspiring and he was quick to list: Good writing, powerful screenplays, and the gift of storytelling. His heroes have always been writers. When I asked him to name a few, he quickly mentioned Woody Allen, Mark Twain, Bob Dotson, and Garrison Keillor.

Rick is just about halfway through recording this Soundtrack Pro course for us, and we are already hoping he’ll come back for more! We are sure you will enjoy his training style, deep knowledge of the software, and his captivating delivery.

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