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By Scott Erickson | Saturday, August 16, 2014

Photographing the Photographer: Douglas Kirkland


Marilyn. Audrey. Elizabeth. Cher. Ringo. Leo. Last names aren’t required when you rattle off the people who’ve sat before Douglas Kirkland’s lens.

With a career spanning almost 60 years, he has photographed some of the most iconic figures of popular culture.

On today, his 80th birthday, I can’t help but think of the day Douglas sat in front of my camera, and of the simple panic-inducing question I asked myself:

How do you photograph one of your photographic heroes?

The answer is simple: Do as he does.

By Jim Heid | Thursday, December 19, 2013

Portrait Photography Lighting Exercises–With an Egg


Ben Long would like you to have an egg. As a photo subject, that is. In this week’s installment of his weekly series, The Practicing Photographer, Ben issues an assignment: Photograph an egg in a way that conveys emotion. How do you get emotion out of an egg without drawing a face on it, Ben asks? Through lighting and composition. As this week’s two-video installment unfolds, we join Ben and photographer Troy Word in a classroom at the Oklahoma Arts Institute, where Troy gives his students this very assignment.

Troy demonstrates various lighting schemes, which you can replicate using anything from a studio light to a desk lamp or work light. As he moves the light around, changing its angle and its distance from the egg, the shadows on the egg change—and the mood in the resulting photos changes along with them.

By Jim Heid | Monday, March 19, 2012

Family and group portraiture: Posing tips

When you shoot portraits—whether of individuals, families, or business groups—are you posing your subjects to look their best?

In the latest lynda.com photography course, Family and Group Portraiture, author Natalie Fobes (former photographer for the Seattle Times and National Geographic) describes the techniques behind successful group portraits, including tips for posing individual subjects, large groups, and families. She also details how to work with subjects to minimize those things they’d rather not have committed to pixels.

Natalie’s new course is just one of our recent photography releases. If you’re interested in Adobe’s new Photoshop Lightroom 4, don’t miss the new Lightroom 4 Essentials series, with Chris Orwig. The first two installments are available now, with more coming very soon.

Happy shooting!

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By Jim Heid | Friday, February 24, 2012

Tour Douglas Kirkland’s portraits of Oscar nominees

This year, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences decided to commission portraits of each of the 20 2012 Oscar-nominated actors and actresses.

Who did they call? Renowned photographer (and lynda.com author) Douglas Kirkland, who has photographed hundreds of actors and performers in his storied career. The resulting portraits form an exhibit called Out of Character, which is on display at the Academy’s Beverly Hills headquarters until March 18.

Last Friday, Douglas gave a few of us an exhibit tour, during which he talked about the portraits and his process. We’re pleased to be able to share it with you. Check it out, then check out his Douglas Kirkland on Photography series.

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