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By Steve Wright | Saturday, August 22, 2015

Star Wars Meets Zombies for VFX Course

zombie Mark

The big challenge in creating high-quality VFX shots for training is getting high-quality elements: the greenscreens, background plates, digital matte paintings, and CGI required to put the shot together.

Studios are notoriously protective of the elements that go into the shots for their movies, so the only solution is to create your own.

We did just that for my new course, NUKE Compositing: Sci-Fi Force Field, the first in a three-part series of VFX courses on lynda.com: We used costumed “Star Wars” fans, ghoulishly made-up zombies, and a top VFX studio with a RED camera.

Here’s how we did it:

By Craig Whitaker | Friday, August 8, 2014

5 Advantages to Using Nuke for Motion Graphics


When I meet motion graphics artists, I’m surprised to find that many don’t realize how Nuke can improve their workflow.

As a big advocate of “the right tool for the job,” I’ll be the first to admit that every job doesn’t belong in Nuke. But there are many advantages to working in Nuke for motion graphics artists—including the very same tools and techniques previously reserved for feature-film work.

By Chelsea Adams | Monday, June 25, 2012

lynda.com author Steve Wright to host two-day Nuke Intensive Workshop in LA

On June 28 and 29, 2012, lynda.com author Steve Wright will be hosting a 10-seat Nuke Intensive Workshop in Los Angeles, California. The unique two-day workshop is designed specifically to catch you up on Nuke core concepts, and focuses on hands-on training that is infused with insights and understandings that most artists don’t get until they have worked with Nuke for years.

The workshop includes project media, prepared Nuke scripts that demonstrate specific key workflow situations, and multiple Nuke scripts that each workshop participant will create on their own in class. To ensure maximum quality of training, the class size is strictly limited to 10 seats.

Steve Wright Nuke Intensive Workshop topics covered.

Nuke Intensive Workshop topics covered.

Steve Wright is a 20-year veteran of visual effects compositing with over 70 feature film credits. He has been an author with lynda.com since 2007, and has trained over 600 artists in Nuke.

To sign up for the Nuke Intensive Workshop, or for more information on the two-day experience, visit http://nukeintensive.eventbrite.com. To watch a lynda.com Nuke course from Steve Wright, check out his most recent course, Nuke 6.3 New Features, or his beginner-level course, Nuke 5 Essential Training, on lynda.com.

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