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By Dudley Lehmer | Wednesday, August 5, 2015

How to Pass the CompTIA Network+ Exam — for IT Jobs

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At a time when some industries are shedding jobs, IT offers a wider range of entry-level positions and career advancement opportunities than just about any other field.

Consider these facts:

  • There are currently over 500,000 job openings for IT professionals in the U.S., according to CompTIA, the Computing Technology Industry Association.
  • Over the next decade, U.S. employers are expected to need 140,000 network system and data communications analysts, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.
  • The average salary of a network engineer is $91,000.
  • Industry observers are sounding the alarm about a growing networking and security skills gap.

But if you want a job in IT, you’ll want to get CompTIA certified. 91% of hiring managers indicate that CompTIA certifications—which range from A+ to Network+ to Security+ and beyond—are valuable in validating expertise. Earning IT certifications is how you show employers you’re advancing your skills and are ready for the next step.

lynda.com is now a CompTIA Authorized Content Provider and has new seven new courses to help you prep for the Network+ certification exam.

But we’ve also put together some study tips to help you get ready for the test:

By Mark Niemann-Ross | Thursday, October 2, 2014

Learn the Practical Side of IT (and Get Back to Your Real Job)

Learn IT with new IT courses

I stupidly accepted a new office next to the printer room.

Other employees would dash into the printer room on their way to a meeting, then curse and pound the copier because it wouldn’t print. I heard them shuffling around and knew it was only moments before they would lean out and ask me for help clearing the paper jam.

This happened five minutes before the hour—every hour—from start to end of business day.

The day they moved the servers into the printer room was the day I moved my office. I was not interested in learning server maintenance, and certainly not interested in rebooting the wifi.

You may not have the option of moving your office—or you may be one of those unfortunates cursing the printer. Possibly you have an IT staff dedicated to helping out—if only you can describe what’s broken.

In all cases, you’ll benefit from learning about servers, networks, and IT in general.

And you’re in luck at lynda.com.

By Crystal McCullough | Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Setting up a DNS server to provide network resources

In Mac OS X Server 10.6 Snow Leopard: DNS and Network Services, instructor Sean Colins introduces the networking services available in Snow Leopard Server. This course covers setting up a DNS server to provide network resources, using firewalls to protect systems against intrusion and to route traffic, using DHCP to automatically configure network settings for computers when they join a network, and accessing a network securely via a remote VPN (virtual private network) connection.

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