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By Stacey Gordon | Sunday, August 30, 2015

Great Answers to 5 Tough Job Interview Questions

job interview questions

There’s nothing like leaving a job interview and feeling that you flubbed it. It’s not until you’re leaving the building that you begin thinking about better answers you should have given, and important things you forgot to mention.

As you step into the parking lot, a wave of regret hits you—mingling with the feeling of air hitting the sweat spots on your clothes.

But instead of getting caught up in the world of woulda-shoulda-coulda, let’s just make sure it never happens again.

The following are five interview questions that always stump people—and the answers you should offer.

By Suzanna Kaye | Tuesday, August 11, 2015

How to Write a Killer Job Interview Thank You Note

job interview thank you note

Think it’s old-fashioned and unnecessary to send a thank-you note after a job interview? Think again.

In a CareerBuilder survey, “58% of employers say it’s important to send a thank-you note after an interview, and 24% say it’s very important.”

But lots of us find job interview thank you notes hard to write. What exactly do you say—and how do you say it?

Here are some guidelines for writing a thank-you note that keeps you at the top of your interviewer’s list:


By Starshine Roshell | Friday, June 12, 2015

Job Interview Horror Stories: What NOT to Do

job interview

Job hunting ain’t easy. We’ve all been there—and some of us at lynda.com admit to making some pretty embarrassing mistakes along the way.

It’s our hope that by sharing some of our egregious job interview errors—and those of other people we’ve met along the way—we might spare you, dear reader, from having to learn these lessons the hard way. Or at least give you a good chuckle.

If you’re looking for a job, here are some tips from both applicants and employers on what not to do during the interview process:

By Jolie Miller | Saturday, February 14, 2015

Job Interview? 6 Tips for Vetting Your Future Manager

job interview tips: getting to know the boss

If you’re job-hunting, or considering a transition to a new role in your current company, take some time in your interviewing process to really scout the new boss you’d be working for.

One of the most important predictors of your job success is your fit with your manager:

Do you communicate in similar ways? Is he invested in you and your career? Will she person help you advance and learn new skills?

It’s hard to know any of these answers before you start the job. But I have a few tricks that have helped me vet new superiors.

Here’s what you have to do:

By lynda.com | Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Five tips for getting a better job in 2014

5 tips for finding a new job

Are you hoping to land a new job this year? Or a promotion at your current company? Learn to position yourself for the job you want with these five tips from the experts at lynda.com.

1. Keep track of your professional accomplishments. Keep your resume fresh by maintaining a career-management document, updating it regularly with your achievements.

By Jolie Miller | Wednesday, October 2, 2013

12 tips for your next job interview

12 tips for your next job interview

It’s said that luck favors the prepared. When it comes to job interviews, being well prepared is often what sets the best applicants apart from the rest. Here are 12 of my favorite job interview tips to make your next one go smoothly.

Before the job interview:

  1. When possible, know the names and faces of the team you’re interviewing with; consider researching them on the company’s website, or on LinkedIn. Identifying shared experiences and interests helps set the stage for an easy, casual conversation during the interview.

  2. Learn about the company’s products or services, and how they work. How does the company make money? How does it present itself by way of branding, marketing, and advertisement?

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