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By Anne-Marie Concepción | Thursday, September 24, 2015

Create a Keyboard Shortcut for the [None] Character Style in InDesign


Designers rely on keyboards shortcuts to get their work done faster and more efficiently in InDesign.

Font styles, for example, are much easier to apply from the keyboard than by scrolling through the Paragraph and Character Styles panels.

However there is one (and only one) character style InDesign won’t let you assign a keyboard shortcut to: the [None] style.

We’ll show you a workaround.

By David Blatner | Thursday, September 17, 2015

Navigate Pages Using Bookmarks in InDesign

using bookmarks in indesign

Long documents can be organized in a number of ways: by sections, chapters, or categories. But all long documents contain pages—and pages are your best bet for navigating around in InDesign.

In this free episode of InDesign Secrets, I show you a trick for jumping to particular pages in InDesign with bookmarks.

By Anne-Marie Concepción | Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fixing Style Collisions in EPUB Outputs from InDesign

style collisions in indesign

When you export an InDesign document to EPUB, it transforms your paragraph styles into CSS rules, which have a much stricter naming convention.

This issue can get you in hot water if you have similar style names that start with different numeric characters, causing something called style collisions.

Check out the solution my cohost David Blatner and I came up with in this week’s episode of InDesign Secrets.

By David Blatner | Thursday, September 3, 2015

Creating an 'Intertwined' Effect in InDesign


Intertwined effects always confounded me. Until I saw Mike Rankin do it in InDesign FX.

Let me show you how to create an intertwined effect the Mike Rankin way, using this incredibly easy, timesaving trick.

By Anne-Marie Concepción | Thursday, August 27, 2015

Managing Scripts in InDesign

managing scripts in indesign

I’m a big fan of scripts. In fact, my very first blog post at InDesignSecrets.com, way back in 2006, was about scripts.

They’re timesaving, they’re smart, and they’re usually free. You can find them all over the web nowadays and building a great collection of scripts becomes a pastime of most designers. I collect them like candy!

The trouble comes in managing them. But I can help

By David Blatner | Thursday, August 20, 2015

Creating a 'Fold-Back' Effect in InDesign


This week in InDesign Secrets, learn how to create a “fold-back” effect (where a heading appears to overlap and wrap around a text frame) in InDesign—and set it up so you can repeat the effect with a few clicks.

The technique requires a thick paragraph rule, and a triangle anchored in just the right spot. But all you need to start is a text frame with some dummy text.

By Anne-Marie Concepción | Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sharing Custom Workspaces in InDesign

sharing custom workspaces in indesign

Custom workspaces are one of the best features in InDesign. But how do you share them?

While workspaces aren’t as easy to share as swatches or styles, it’s really not that hard—once you know the secret location where InDesign stores the workspace files.

And you don’t have to dig through your hard drive to find them.

By David Blatner | Thursday, August 6, 2015

Formatting 'Drop Words' in an InDesign Document


You may know how to make a drop cap style for one or more characters at the beginning of a paragraph, but here I have a different kind of text treatment: an entire drop word, which is still totally editable.

How did I do it? Well, the truth is “drop words” are not a feature in InDesign, but you can convincingly fake it with a combination of character styles, paragraph styles, and an empty text frame.

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