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By David Niles White | Saturday, February 11, 2012

2012 Santa Barbara International Film Festival Directors' and Producers' Panels

As the presenting sponsor of the 27th annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival, lynda.com is pleased to take you inside the festival’s entertainment industry panels featuring some of Hollywood’s top directors and producers.

Directors’ Panel
Moderated by Peter Bart (vice president and editorial director of Variety) the Directors on Directing panel features a who’s who of Oscar®-nominated directors speaking candidly about the importance of great casting, a strong story, and the ability to listen to their audience through pre-release testing. Gore Verbinski (Rango) explains how he arranged for the ensemble cast of his animated film to record their voiceovers together, in order to take full advantage of their comedic interactions. Michel Hazanavicius (The Artist) talks about the challenges of getting a black-and-white silent film made in the 21st century. Terry George (The Shore) describes how he found humor in the otherwise serious conflict in Northern Ireland. Chris Miller (Puss in Boots) talks about leaving room in his script for improvisation. Jennifer Yuh Nelson (Kung Fu Panda 2) shares her darker moments during production, assuring a nervous studio that everything would work out. Paul Feig (Bridesmaids) talks about rewriting parts of the script to take advantage of actress Melissa McCarthy’s comedic genius.

Directors on Directing panel discussing the importance of the script.

Directors on Directing panel discussing Silent Movies.

Directors on Directing panel discussing The Man Speech.

Producers’ Panel
Moderated by Patrick Goldstein (Los Angeles Times columnist), Movers and Shakers was a panel of top-of-their-career producers with Oscar®-nominated films ranging from big-budget effects movies to smaller, ensemble-cast dramas. Graham King (Hugo), describes how he worked with Martin Scorsese to shoot their first 3D film together—and their first with kids and animals. Michael De Luca (Moneyball) explains how he developed a working relationship with Major League Baseball, which had final cut on his film. Bill Pohlad (The Tree of Life) talks about the 10 years of obstacles he faced on the way to getting his film greenlit. Jim Burke (The Descendants) talks about shooting on location in expensive Hawaii. Letty Aronson (Midnight in Paris) discusses the unique working relationship she has with director Woody Allen—who’s also her brother.

Movers & Shakers panel discussing how a great film doesn’t have to cost much.

Movers & Shakers panel discussing how to keep the studio happy.

Movers & Shakers panel: Letty Aronson (Midnight in Paris) discussing the unique working relationship she had has with director Woody Allen, who is also her brother.


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By David Niles White | Friday, February 4, 2011

The 2011 SBIFF Women’s Panel now available in the Online Training Library®

A great weekend of panels continued with the SBIFF Women’s Panel, Creative Forces: Women in the Business. The panel is now available for all to watch in the Online Training Library®.

This was a very diverse group of women from many areas of filmmaking, including animation, visual effects, costume design, documentary and dramatic film. All are top industry award winners and nominees.

Toy Story 3 producer Darla K. Anderson shared some insights into the four year production cycle at Pixar. The producer of Waiting for Superman, Leslie Chilott, shares how documentary filmmaking can be a powerful tool for social change. And the visual effects producer from world class facility Digital Domain, Gloria Borders, talks about how to get started learning new technologies.

This panel includes: Darla K. Anderson – Producer, Toy Story 3 Colleen Atwood – Costumer Designer, Alice in Wonderland Gloria Borders – Executive Visual Effects Producer at Digital Domain (Tron: Legacy) Leslie Chilcott – Producer, Waiting for Superman Alix Madigan – Producer, Winter’s Bone

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