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By Starshine Roshell | Thursday, February 19, 2015

What's the Coolest Thing You Ever Made with Photoshop?

For two decades, Photoshop has been an essential part of lynda.com training.

To celebrate the tool’s 25th anniversary, we’ve created lots of brand new Photoshop tutorials and documentaries for you. Visit our Photoshop tribute page for tons of new tricks and artist interviews.

But first—we asked our Photography and Design authors, “What’s the coolest thing you ever made with Photoshop?

Here’s what they showed us.

By Chris Orwig | Thursday, April 10, 2014

Introducing Lightroom Mobile


Lightroom Mobile is a new iPad app that might just change the way you work on your photos. When I first started using it as a beta-tester a few months ago, I was curious but not convinced. Truth be told, when it comes to new technology I’m a bit of a skeptic; apart from something being new, I want to know if it’s actually going to improve my life. Yet after a few weeks, my skepticism completely dissolved and I now consider Lightroom Mobile to be a game changer for photographers in the best possible way.

For the last seven years, working in Lightroom meant working on a traditional computer (desktop or laptop). But as the photographer’s toolkit expanded to include other devices like mobile phones and tablets, it seemed like Lightroom was missing the boat—that is, until now.

Lightroom Mobile isn’t just another make-your-photos-look-better app. Sure, it does that, but more importantly it extends your Lightroom Desktop workflow in a helpful way. Here’s how it works.

By Jim Heid | Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tour the Lightroom 4 Beta with Chris Orwig

Earlier this week, Adobe released a public beta version of Lightroom 4, its popular photo-editing and asset-management software for Macs and Windows PCs. The new version is free for the testing: you can download it, try it out, and provide feedback that may influence the final version.

To help you get up to speed with what’s new, we’ve published Photoshop Lightroom 4 Beta Preview with Chris Orwig. It’s a two-hour tour of Lightroom 4′s new features including its enhanced photo- and video-editing features, its ability to tag your photos to a map, and its Blurb book-layout module.

And because free is a very good price, we’ve made the entire course free, meaning, you don’t have to be a lynda.com member in order to watch it. But as they say on the TV commercials for knives that can slice through Kryptonite, act now to take advantage of this limited-time offer. The Lightroom 4 beta software expires at the end of March, and when it does, we’ll retire this course.

We will be updating the blog periodically with posts that spotlight some of Lightroom 4′s new features, but if you’re curious to see what’s new right now, download the beta preview and check out Chris’s course. Just keep in mind that the software is in prerelease form. It likely has bugs, and you shouldn’t use it for anything critical, including slicing through Kryptonite.

Interested in more? • The full Photoshop Lightroom 4 Beta Preview course • All Photography courses on lynda.com • All courses from Chris Orwig on lynda.com

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By Crystal McCullough | Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Get it together: Compositing images in Photoshop CS5

In Photoshop CS5: Creative Compositing, Chris Orwig demonstrates how to take photographs to the next creative level by combining images in Photoshop. This course covers multiple compositing scenarios, including portraits and architecture photos, from selecting the images, to blending photos with layer masks and blend modes, and resizing and sharpening the results. Chris also covers tips and tricks design to inspire and increase the drama and interest of photographs.

By Jim Heid | Monday, June 14, 2010

Chris Orwig tours the new features in Lightroom 3

Earlier this month, Adobe Systems shipped Photoshop Lightroom 3, the latest version of its photo-management software for Windows and Mac.

When I saw that Lightroom 3 had shipped, one word came to mind: finally. Lightroom 3 had been available through a public beta program for many months, and the thousands of photographers who downloaded the prerelease version had the opportunity to provide feedback and influence the final product. Having thousands of cooks in the kitchen resulted in a pretty impressive stew, and Lightroom 3 brings enhancements to every aspect of the photographic workflow. Importing is easier, thanks to a redesigned Import dialog box.

Asset management is more powerful, thanks to the ability to import and manage DSLR video clips and new features for organizing and categorizing your shots. And exporting is more versatile, with enhanced printing features and built-in uploading to Flickr. In between importing and exporting is the Develop module, the place where you enhance the appearance of a photo. This is where you’ll find some of Lightroom 3′s most impressive new features. Lens Correction lets you fix the distortion that’s present in many lenses and also makes it easy to fix perspective problems, such as the “converging verticals” that are common in architectural shots. Lightroom 3′s improved noise-reduction features make it easy to remove the digital noise that often plagues photos taken with high ISO settings. And if you prefer old-school noise, you can use the new Film Grain effect to simulate the look of film.

There’s a lot more to Lightroom 3, and you can download a free trial to see for yourself. After you’ve done that, check out our latest release: Lightroom 3 New Features, an in-depth exploration of Lightroom 3 from photographer Chris Orwig. Later this month, we’ll be publishing Lightroom 3 Essential Training, in which Chris takes you on deep dive to explore every nook and cranny of Lightroom 3. Watching this course come together over the last few months has made me all the more grateful for the opportunity to work with Chris, who is as talented a teacher as he is a photographer. While we put the final touches on Chris’s epic, check out the rest of his courses in the Online Training Library®.

By Crystal McCullough | Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Learn Camera Raw 6 with author, teacher, photographer Chris Orwig

In Photoshop CS5 for Photographers: Camera Raw 6, Chris Orwig provides in-depth training on the CS5 component that enables photographers to open and manipulate images in non-destructive and now even more efficient ways. This course covers the benefits of raw processing, which makes it possible to more precisely control an image’s appearance—exposure, shadow and highlight detail, color balance, sharpness, and more—including new workflow procedures and technical concepts and issues. Learn the entire Camera Raw 6 workflow, from opening and resizing, toning and cropping, to sharpening and saving.

By Megan O. Read | Monday, March 8, 2010

Product designer Dave Schultze joins the ranks of lynda.com authors

This past week at lynda.com we had an impressive showcase of talent.

Dave Schultze is a new author at lynda.com. He is recording Rhino training for those of you in the 3D field. He teaches Toy Design at Otis College of Art and Design, and his body of work is impressive to say the least. You may already be familiar with the toys and products he has deigned for his company SchultzeWORKS, such as the singing toothbrushes for Hasbro.

The Philco PC, designed by new lynda.com author, Dave Schultze.

The beautiful and sleek Philco PC was featured in any number of magazines, but most recently, it was entered in the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA Awards).

Clockwise, from far left: author Chris Orwig, lynda.com co-owner and founder Bruce Heavin, supervising training producer Max Smith, content manager for 3D/Video George Maestri, author relations manager Megan O. Read, author Deke McClelland, content manager Cynthia Scott (standing), author Dave Schultze, training producer Kirk Werner, and author David Blatner.

Dave was in good company with Chris Orwig, David Blatner, and Deke McClelland all working away in the recording booths and live action stages to bring you some new training. We took all of the authors and a few local content managers out on the town for some creative brainstorming and pasta. We are looking forward to sharing their training with you soon.

By Megan O. Read | Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Chris Orwig book signing in Santa Barbara this week

Meet lynda.com author Chris Orwig at his book signing this week.

Today on Chris Orwig’s blog, the lynda.com author announced that he will be signing his recent book, Visual Poetry—A Creative Guide For Making Engaging Digital Photographs, on Thursday, February 4th from 5-8 p.m. at the Cota St. Gallery, 23 East Cota Street, in Santa Barbara, CA.

From comparing poetry and photography, to giving practical photography tips and techniques, the book features a multitude of extraordinary photographers as ‘guest speakers’ that include John Sexton, Douglas Kirkland, Chris Rainier, Todd Glaser, and many more.

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