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By David Niles White | Sunday, May 23, 2010

lynda.com presents: AIGA

Last fall, we pulled out our tuxedos and followed Lynda to New York City for AIGA’s Design Legends Gala at the Waldorf-Astoria. Before the big event, we donned our running shoes and cameras to tag along with Lynda as she explored the organization, its mission, and some of its most influential members.

Our trek took us from AIGA’s National Design Center on Fifth Avenue, over to the School of Visual Arts and on to Sterling Brands, located in the Empire State Building, home to AIGA President Debbie Millman.

Lynda also had the opportunity to meet with all three of this year’s recipients of the AIGA Medal: Pablo Ferro, Carin Goldberg and Doyald Young. I found it pretty amazing being in the room with these legends—and our cameras were there. The result is our latest documentary, lynda.com presents: AIGA. Let us know what you think.

By Megan O. Read | Friday, July 31, 2009

lynda.com author news: Final Cut training, top-secret series, and more


Top: Abba Shapiro and producer Max Smith in a recording booth. Bottom left: How we get our trainers activated. Bottom right: Derrick Story hard at work on his new series.

This week at lynda.com, Apple-Certified trainer and author Abba Shapiro is in town recording some brand spankin’ new Final Cut training – his first course for lynda.com. The Digital Story’s very own Derrick Story is recording a new top-secret lynda.com training series! Stay tuned for more!

Another luminary in our Creative Inspirations series, Margo Chase, will be featured in the AIGA Los Angeles Fellows Speaker Series to talk about the business of design. Visit the AIGA Los Angeles web site for registration information for this event on August 27.

By Megan O. Read | Monday, June 29, 2009

AIGA members invited to “be fabulous with lynda.com”

lynda.com A

Highlights from the "Be Fabulous with lynda.com" AIGA event at the Brooks Institute of Photography in Ventura, CA, June 25.

Last Thursday, June 25, at the Brooks Institute of Photography campus in Ventura, Lynda Weinman and Bruce Heavin gave the talk “be fabulous with lynda.com” at the request of the local chapter of AIGA. There were many AIGA members from Ventura and Santa Barbara County in attendance, as well as a great showing of lynda.com staff. During the evening we heard the story of how Lynda and Bruce met, how lynda.com was formed, Lynda’s beef with the See’s Candy lady, and how passion, hard work and persistence really do pay off.

It was an inspiring and heart-warming event! Wish you all could have been there!

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