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By Joe Randeen |

Scott Hirsch discusses his new lynda.com title: Logic Pro 9 Essential Training

I first got to know Scott a number of months back when he and I started to work out the details of the Logic Pro 9 Essential Training course. Up until the time that he came out to our studios, we had never met in person. Phone, instant message, and email was it.

During this time, it quickly became apparent that Scott was not new to training. In fact, he’s been teaching on audio/DAW subjects for 10 years now. He’s extremely adept at conveying the essentials as well as putting them into practical applications.

After the production was over, and the course went live, I asked Scott some questions that I thought would be fun to share with you.

Q:What makes Logic Pro such a great DAW in your workflow?

A: I love Logic Pro for its strength as a compositional tool. When I need some great sounds and an easy, straightforward MIDI environment to try out some ideas, I open Logic 9. Eight times out of ten, I end up using some, if not all of the sounds from Logic’s deep arsenal of instruments and samplers.

Q: What do you hope people who watch the Logic Pro 9 course will take away from it?

A: With Logic Pro 9, Apple makes it easy to get up and running very quickly, however, Logic is also an extremely complex professional tool. I hope my tutorials take newcomers past any initial learning curve so that working with the interface becomes second nature. After that, its time to get creative.

My main goal is to move past all of the technical barriers as quickly as possible so people can use the program for what it is intended for: Recording and composing awesome music. People just starting out, as well as Logic users who have been dabbling for some time in previous versions, should gain a great deal out of the course. I go through all of the basics, but I intentionally put enough bite in there so that it will keep people on their toes learning real-world techniques and tools.

Q:Top 5 reason that makes Logic Pro 9 a great DAW?

A: Not in any particular order:

  1. MIDI capabilities are very powerful;
  2. Amazing sounding instruments and plug-ins that ship with the program;
  3. New features of Loigc 9, like Guitar Amp and pedal simulators are awesome;
  4. Nine DVDs of great sounding royalty free loops and samples;
  5. Works with any external soundcard, and is surround capable out of the box.

Q: This was your first time doing a title for lynda.com. How was your experience, and were there any stand-out moments?

A: Everyone I met at lynda.com was very supportive and positive. I’d have to say “the people”!

Q:What’s next for Scott Hirsch?

A: I have a very busy few months ahead. I am finishing several short films. I will be releasing two records (both will be available on vinyl) with Family Band (familybandfamily.com) and Hiss Golden Messenger (heavenandearthmagic.com), two bands I play in and record. After that, I am finishing my Masters thesis at NYU on alternative surround mixing strategies. Then I’m getting hitched in June.  Finally, I’m hoping to record more awesome lynda.com courses!

We look forward to working with Scott again, too.

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