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By Anne-Marie Concepción |

InDesign Secrets: Creating web graphics from your InDesign artwork

It’s no secret that InDesign doesn’t have a Save for Web command—and yet, if you’ve carefully crafted a print document to your personal design specifications, you may have images created in InDesign that you want to use in your web content. In this week’s free InDesign Secrets episode, Anne-Marie Concepción reveals how to get around that lack of Save for Web command that designers have come to rely on in InDesign’s sister applications, Photoshop and Illustrator.

The first workaround option is simply to take a screenshot, open your screenshot in Photoshop, and use Photoshop’s Save for Web command. In the InDesign Secrets video above, you’ll see Anne-Marie’s advice for how to set proper resolution for just such an activity. Before you take your screenshot, make sure you’re in Preview mode and get rid of any extraneous information like non-printing characters. I used her advice for the graphic you see below, and on a bi-weekly basis, this is exactly the method I use to create the graphics we use in our InDesign Secrets posts.

Pink web graphic button used as an example of a web graphic saved for import into Photoshop.

A second option is to select an objects and use the Export command to save it as a JPEG, which allows you to set the color space and resolution. Even better, the third option, if you’re using InDesign CS5.5 or later, is to use the Object Export command to get the same options along with the ability to choose your own file format. Whichever way you choose, with these tricks you’ll no longer need to wait on Adobe to create a Save for Web command inside InDesign.

Meanwhile, Anne-Marie’s partner in InDesign secrecy, David Blatner, has an exclusive movie for lynda.com members this month called Using “No Language” to suppress unwanted hyphenation, spell-checking, and smart quotes, in which he reveals another ingenious workaround: how to use “No Language” in the Advanced Character Formats pane of the New Character Style dialog box to suppress unwanted automatic updates.

Anne-Marie and David will be back in two weeks with more InDesign Secrets!

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