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By Starshine Roshell |

Get a Job. No, Seriously. It’s Time.


Step 1: You graduated. Then you napped.

We’ve all been there. You needed some time to relax after graduation and now you’re (almost) ready to kick it into gear. Let us help you get off the couch—and into a job.


Step 2: Conquer procrastination. Yes, today.

Your job search doesn’t have to be arduous. Break it into little pieces that you can work through quickly.


Watch videos to help fight distraction and avoid being overwhelmed by your job search.

Step 3: Primp your online persona

Time to do some cleanup on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn so potential employers find nothing but impressive things when they Google you. (You know they’re going to Google you, right?)


Clean up your online persona by changing the privacy settings of old social posts.

Step 4: Get Linked to get hired

You don’t need a ton of job experience to rock an impressive LinkedIn profile.


Learn five ways you can update your LinkedIn profile to make it stand out from the crowd.

Step 5: Is your resumé ravishing?

Make yourself marketable with a standout resumé. We’ll show you how to write and design the resumé that gets your foot in the door.


Show your best side to potential employers by exploring how to design a winning resume.

Step 6: No experience? No problem

Now that you know what a gorgeous resumé looks like, find out how to make even limited experience shine.


Improve your resumé by putting your education to work and showcasing your achievements, not your former job duties.

Step 7: We’ve got your cover letter covered

Write a cover letter that will get you noticed. Keep it short, sell yourself in the first line, and make it obvious how much time you spent researching the company.


Explore these handy tips for crafting a eye-catching cover letter to accompany your resumé.

Step 8: Connections are key

It’s not always what you know—it’s who you know. Get old-school and new-school tips on networking.


Learn how to make strong in-person, social media, and local community connections that will strengthen your professional network.

Step 9: You got an interview!

Congrats, you’ve got an interview! Being prepared will put you at ease so you can present the best version of yourself.


Enter your big interview with confidence by anticipating and preparing for questions and taking every opportunity to make a memorable first impression.

Step 10-a: Got a job offer?

There’s an offer on the table. Now what? Learn how to review the offer and negotiate your salary.


Get an edge on salary negotiations with potential employers by writing a strong negotiation story in advance.


Step 10-b: Didn’t get a call back?

Never give up! Job hunting is hard for seasoned professionals and recent grads alike. The good news is you can do most of this stuff without even leaving the couch.


Don’t get discouraged- watch these videos to help you manage your frustration and anxiety when job hunting runs longer than expected.

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