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By Lauren Harmon |

Deke's Techniques: Developing a dramatic castle in Camera Raw

This week’s installment of Deke’s Techniques reveals how to develop a dramatic photograph inside of Camera Raw—in particular, an already enchanting photo of the Dunguaire Castle in County Clare, Ireland, that Deke shot on his Canon 5D Mark III. Deke applies a series of discrete selective nondestructive modifications in Adobe Camera Raw to achieve even more of a dramatic effect. Let’s see exactly how it works!

To get started, follow along with Deke in this week’s free video and use the companion text below to help with each step.

If you’re a lynda.com premium member, you can use the exercise files Deke provides with the course, or simply use the instructions he gives in the first part of the video to create your own version.

  1. Open the photo in Camera Raw and switch to the Lens Correction tab.

Pro tip: If you’re working in Adobe Bridge, simply select the photo and press Ctrl+R (Windows) or Cmd+R (Mac) to open it in Camera Raw.

Deke's Techniques: Original image of the castle

  1. Apply a few automatic adjustments by choosing the Profile tab and checking Enable Lens Profile Corrections and Remove Chromatic Aberrations.
  2. Return to the Basic panel and increase the Contrast, Clarity, and Vibrance. Also adjust the Temperature as you see fit. Deke likes to warm photographs with a cool light source like this one.

p>Our castle with a few adjustments made.

  1. To avoid overbrightening the image, press the Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac) key and reduce the Exposure slider. Pressing Alt or Option allows you to see the clipped or blown-out pixels as you adjust your photos.

Note: These steps are for Camera Raw 6. Check out Deke’s video to see how to get an approximate effect with Camera Raw 7. The rest of the tutorial works with both versions of the program.

  1. Select the Detail tab and increase the Amount to 100% and Radius to 1.0. Reduce Detail to 0 to remove any unnecessary sharpening.
  2. Increase Luminance to 50, Luminance Detail to 25, Luminance Contrast to 50, Color to 25, and Color Detail to 50.

Pro tip: Hit the P key to turn your adjustments on and off and see the impact of your changes.

Deke's Techniques: Detail Settings

  1. Select the HSL/Grayscale tab, click the Saturation tab, and increase the Oranges slider to 50 and Blues to 35.

Photoshop HSL / Grayscale Settings

  1. Press the Shift key and click Open Object to open the image as a Smart Object in Photoshop. Bringing it into the program as a Smart Object will allow you to revisit and make changes to these adjustments in the future.
  2. Create a white border for your image on a new layer to complete the effect.

p>Deke's Techniques: Final image edited in Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw

And that’s how to transform an ordinary high-resolution image into an extraordinary piece of art worthy of framing. Check out the video above to get help with Camera Raw 7 adjustments and instructions for creating Deke’s white border.

Members of lynda.com can check out the next movie in the series, Artificially coloring a photo in Camera Raw, and learn how to achieve a whole different feeling from the same photograph. Plus, next week Deke transforms our Dunguaire Castle image into a weathered black-and-white print with Photoshop and Camera Raw. Stay tuned!

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