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By Colleen Wheeler |

Deke's Techniques: Creating an Indiana Jones text effect in Photoshop

If you’re craving real Photoshop adventure, then this week’s Deke’s Techniques is just what you seek. In this free-to-all video, Deke creates a classic Indiana Jones-style logo. Start with whatever phrase you like, and use Deke’s process to transform your text into the multicolored, Saturday-matinee, cliffhanger text you see here:

Example of Deke's Indiana Jones-style Photoshop text

Grab your bullwhip and hat and set out on the adventure Deke has in store for you this week by first downloading the “SF Fedora” font from Shy Foundry. Then, after a series of small alterations, you’ll load a special Deke-created “Indiana” gradient so that you have just the right mix of orange, yellow, and white traveling intrepidly down your text. (If you aren’t a member of lynda.com, you can still roll your own gradient based on the info in this video.) After applying a few careful transformations and a clipping mask, you’ll find that you’ve turned your ordinary text into the stuff of treasure-seeking legend.

If you have a detailed eye, you may have noticed at the end of Deke’s free technique our created Indiana Jones text has slightly rounded corners around the altered SF Fedora font. If you’re on a search for the elusive sharp, or mitered, corners that we see in the original Indiana Jones logo and you’re a member of lynda.com, this week’s exclusive Online Training Library® video, Achieving mitered corners in Photoshop, will show you how to take your logo into Illustrator, square off the corners of your type, and re-import the results into Photoshop for a pristine replication of the classic Indiana Jones movie poster effect.

And of course, for further Photoshop adventure, join us next week for another free edition of Deke’s Techniques.

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