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By Kristin Ellison |

Create a Top Secret Envelope in Photoshop


This week, Bert walks us through how to create a top secret manila envelope in Photoshop. He begins by creating a new layer called envelope, draws a rectangle, and fills it with a beige color. He then converts this box to black and white, and applies both a cloud and an emboss filter, which creates the paper texture. Lastly, he goes into hue/saturation and colorizes it to achieve a nice beige color.

Next, he selects only the left half of the rectangle and sends that to a new layer via copy called side. With this in place, he flips it horizontally so the texture on each side does not match exactly. Next, he selects that left side and gives it a little drop shadow to make the appearance of a seam down the middle. Lastly, he creates a new layer called flap. He draws the top flap with the pen tool, turns it into a selection, and adds a drop shadow.

For the clasps, Bert begins by creating a new group called clasp and a new layer called outer ring. The first step is to draw a circle on the flap, which he fills with a deep red. He then takes the circle and contracts it, creating a smaller circle inside the original. When he chooses the outer ring layer and clicks delete, it creates a hole–revealing the beige folder below. He then makes a new layer with the hole called clasp and strokes it with a golden color to make the metal ring. Finally, to give the clasp dimension, he drags the drop shadow effect from the envelope layer and applies it to both the outer ring and clasp layers, as well as adding a bevel and emboss for even more depth. He then duplicates the clasp group and drags the second clasp below the original.

His next step is to create a new group called string. He uses the pen tool to draw two separate paths that will become the string. He chooses a color for the string, selects a hard-edged brush to stroke the paths, and then adds the effects from the clasp to the string.

Lastly, on yet another new layer Bert types in “Top Secret” in red and chooses the Stencil font. He then adds a rounded corner box outside of the text, strokes it with the same hue of red, and then tilts both the box and text to achieve a hand-stamped feel.

Watch this week’s video to get started designing your own top secret envelope in Photoshop, and be sure to check back next week when Bert will show us how to create a delicious donut.

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