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By Bobby Owsinski | Friday, June 12, 2015

Apple Music Just Might Prove Skeptics Wrong

apple music

There have been plenty of naysayers willing to condemn Apple’s new Apple Music service before it was even launched, but if this week’s presentation outlining the service was any indication, they might just have to take back their words.

It’s certainly true that Apple has fallen behind its competition when it comes to music streaming, and that Apple Radio wasn’t the resounding success that everyone anticipated. It’s also true that Beats Music, which the company paid a bundle for last year, wasn’t exactly setting the world on fire and quite possibly wouldn’t even be around today had Apple not thrown it a life preserver.

Then there’s the fact that while Apple touts 850 million credit cards on file for iTunes, more of them apply to the app side of the store than music, making the number slightly dubious when anticipating subscriber numbers.

All of that might lead you to believe that Apple Music could easily come and go after the initial wave of enthusiasm from today’s announcement died down.

If you watched today’s presentation however, it was readily apparent that there were a number of features shown that differentiate Apple Music from the competition—any one of which could make a big enough difference to help it dominate the industry in no time.

By Scott Fegette | Thursday, May 28, 2015

You Don't Need to Play an Instrument to Rock GarageBand


We all hear an original melody in our heads from time to time. And it’s easy to let those fleeting moments of musical inspiration slip by if you don’t play an instrument.

But if you’ve got GarageBand installed on your iPhone or iPad, you can use its Smart Instruments to quickly sketch out songs even if you’ve never tickled an ivory, beat a snare, or fingered a single fret.

Let’s take a quick peek at the Smart Instruments one-by-one, and how you can use them to make a great song out of that tune in your head.

By Scott Fegette | Wednesday, April 29, 2015

5 Reasons to Love GarageBand — from a Skeptic

learn garageband

I used to think GarageBand was an odd toy: too complex for a novice songwriter to use, and too underpowered for a serious musician. But after giving it a fair shake, turns out I was completely wrong.

There’s a lot to like about GarageBand whether you’re a seasoned pro or an eager beginner—especially if you have more than one Apple device.

Here are five reasons why a skeptic like me ended up falling in love with GarageBand.

By Richard Stim | Friday, March 13, 2015

Songwriters: Here's Why and How to Copyright a Song

how to copyright a song

Last year, streaming music services like Pandora, Spotify, and Google Play increased market share by an astounding 42%. At the same time, digital download sales dropped 13 %.

That was good news and bad news for songwriters.

The good news is that streaming services reduce piracy of songs. A Swedish music-business study showed that over half the people who previously downloaded music illegally no longer did so after being given access to a streaming music service. The bad news is that streaming payments per play are miniscule—as Cracker’s David Lowery demonstrated when he posted a royalty statement showing a $16.89 payment from Pandora for over one million plays of his song “Low.”

With streaming on the ascendance and album sales at their lowest numbers since Soundscan began reporting sales in 1991, the copyright value of a song seems to have diminished substantially.

Was David Bowie right when he proclaimed in 2002, “copyright will no longer exist in 10 years”? With less money to be made, is copyright even relevant for songwriters?

The answer is yes. Even with diminished revenues, song copyrights still have a pulse—and it’s a strong one.

By Starshine Roshell | Friday, March 6, 2015

Mixing It Up: From AutoTune to Zumba with Brian Lee White

Brian Lee White

A music producer based in California’s Bay Area, Brian Lee White does sound design for film, TV, and games—including Halo.

He’s taught more than a dozen courses at lynda.com, from the beginner-level Up and Running with Autotune 8 to the intermediate Producing Music for Advertisements to the advanced Mixing a Rock Song in Pro Tools.

By Cliff Goldmacher | Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Professional Harmony: The 6 Rules of Songwriting Collaboration


For songwriters, the idea of collaborating may be off-putting. That was certainly how I used to feel. The creative process is so personal; how could you share it? And why would you?

But then I moved to Nashville, Tennessee, the co-writing capital of the world. And as I wrote more and more songs, I ceased to think of them each as precious and untouchable.

The truth is that songwriting collaboration can make your work better: It can increase your creative output, expose you to new forms of songwriting, and let you share the burden of creating and promoting your songs.

But there are some rules …

Whether it’s your first co-write or your hundredth, follow these six tips to make it go as smoothly as possible.

By Cliff Goldmacher | Saturday, February 21, 2015

5 Tips For Songwriters: Getting Through the Slumps

2015_02_21_Song1 Whether you’re brand new to songwriting or have been at it for decades, like I have, there are certain things that are universally true. Like this: At various times, songwriting is going to feel like a struggle. You can get lots of tips on making it in the music business from my new lynda.com course Write, Think, and Act Like a Professional Songwriter. But here are a few tips for songwriters to make the process feel like less of a burden:

By David Franz | Friday, February 20, 2015

A Peek Inside the Music Industry

Look inside the music industry

We’re proud to introduce a new four-part interview series offering a look inside the music industry through the insights and stories of four of its rule-breakers.

Watch as music producer Bobby Owsinski interviews iconic industry personalities Al Schmitt, Richard Gibbs, Hanson Hsu, and Michael Beinhorn—all of whom have an uncanny capacity for adaptation, reinvention, and making their own luck.

We kick off the series with Al Schmitt with Bobby Owsinski: Wrapping Cables to Winning Grammys featuring the Grammy-winningest music producer/engineer in history (23 so far!).

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