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By Starshine Roshell | Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Yes, as a Matter of Fact. You Do Need to Learn 3D.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 1.36.30 PM

Can you remember when Photoshop was new and seemed too complicated to use? Now “photoshop” is a verb and it’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t have some experience using the application.

3D is the new Photoshop. Already part of the visual landscape, 3D is fast becoming the medium that everyone will eventually use—and all artists will need to know how to manipulate.

And we’ve got exactly what beginners need.

By Linda Sellheim | Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Creating 3D Games with 'Substance'

3d game textures

It’s the hot concept in 3D games right now: PBR or physically based rendering. It’s what makes metal look like metal and wood look like wood.

And we’ve got an interview with Sebastian Deguy, the guy whose PBR tools are changing the creative pipeline in game development.

Here he explains Allegorithmic’s quest for a subscription model that’s fair, the secret to marketing to young and indie game developers, and the big changes coming for 3D: virtual/augmented reality and 3D scanning.

By Dermot O' Connor | Thursday, September 10, 2015

An Animator Conquers His Fear


Fear plagues every creative person to some degree. Fear of starting a drawing or a project, or fear of finishing it—because then you have to exhibit the work to the public.

This is not the fear of constructive criticism, which is healthy in any studio; I’m talking about an inhibiting voice in your head. A kind of demon.

I’ve seen first-rate artists crippled by something as ethereal as an insecurity complex, rendering them unable to complete their own projects or fully realize their potential. They leave work unshown, half finished—or never begun.

This is why you must be self aware about how you approach your work, and do so in a healthy manner. A change of thinking can have astonishing consequences. It did for me.

Let me show you how …

By George Maestri | Tuesday, July 7, 2015

First-Time Animators: Maya 2016 Easier to Learn, Use


A stalwart 3D package used in countless movies, games, and TV shows, Maya is an industry standard when it comes to 3D modeling, rendering, and animation. It’s a powerful bit of software, and as such, it can be intimidating to novices.

But with Maya 2016, Autodesk has completely revised and updated the interface of both Maya and its sibling, Maya LT.  And the new interface should go a long way towards making the software easier to use and learn. 

Let’s take a look at some of the more important changes and additions.

By Scott Fegette | Thursday, June 4, 2015

5 Amazing Visual Effects from Mad Max: Fury Road


“Mad Max: Fury Road” ends a 30-year hiatus in George Miller’s wildly popular post-apocalyptic Mad Max movie series, and if one thing’s obvious after three decades, it’s that visual effects have come a long, long way since 1985.

The movie’s popularity is largely due to its non-stop, breakneck-speed action sequences featuring seamless visual effects that immerse you in the dystopian world of Mad Max.

Here are my five favorite types of visual effects in Fury Road—an amazing cornucopia of “modernized” photographic techniques and cutting-edge 2D and 3D digital effects orchestrated by visual effects supervisor Andrew Jackson. If you’re interested in taking a shot at a few of these techniques yourself, I’ve included links to lynda.com courses that can help get you started.

By Starshine Roshell | Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Author Spotlight: The Multi-Dimensional George Maestri

George Maestri

The author of our brand new course Getting Started in 3D and Animation, George Maestri has been using 3D and animation tools for more than 20 years—starting with pencil and paper and learning the software as it developed.

He rides bikes, plays music, and … um, takes welding classes in his free time, but his professional life has led him to writing, directing, and producing gigs on projects from Rocko’s Modern Life to South Park.

“Each job taught me more about the process, and I got to invent new ways of doing things,” he says. “Everything was evolving so quickly, you always had to invent and learn.”

Find out why 3D and animation are important skills for anyone working in creative fields today—and how a lynda.com course once saved his hide!

By Ryan Kittleson | Saturday, November 15, 2014

Make 3D Printed Gifts! It's Easier—and Cheaper—Than You Think


Every holiday season, we all hope to give our friends and family members a present that’s unique, personal—and yet affordable. And as you know, finding an item that hits that sweet spot is not so easy!

But thanks to simple software and 3D printing, you can actually make the impossible happen this year. All it takes is a free download, a few clicks, and as little as $10. Let me show you how to make beautiful 3D printed gifts.

By Nick Brazzi | Thursday, August 14, 2014

Notes from the SIGGRAPH Floor: 3D Printing & Motion Capture


Here at SIGGRAPH, the international conference for computer graphics, animation, and interactive design, it’s really fun to walk the show floor and experience the new technology on display—especially 3D printing and motion capture.

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