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By Jolie Miller |

Back to school with technology

Back to school with technology

Classrooms have gone digital, and with that comes a new set of teaching tools with the power to change everything you do as a teacher—from tracking grades to communicating with students and posting assignments and activities your class can access at all times. As you’re heading back into the classroom with a whole year stretched before you, here are three tips to get started with your digital classroom:

1. Try a new tech tool every month. Find out what your students need most: more connection to each other, the ability to use iPads for their classwork, or perhaps the ability to complete and turn in assignments online? Pick an area you can start with and embrace one new piece of technology this month. Maybe it’s creating a classroom webpage or wiki, or just using school iPads in the classroom once a week. Monitor your students’ feedback, make adjustments as needed, and then commit to a new technology challenge for October.

To get started, check out iPad Classroom Fundamentals, WordPress Essential TrainingUp and Running with Canvas, and Office for Educators.

2. Flip your classroom. When you flip your classroom, you assign basic work (reading articles, watching videos, completing assignments) for students to do at home. Then you can spend your classroom time focused on teaching, helping students who need more time, and working in groups. When students complete assignments on their own time, it leaves class time for meaningful interaction and building upon their base knowledge.

For example, if you’re teaching your high school students how to set up and track a budget, you might assign videos from our Excel 2013 Essential Training course to help them set up a budget sheet at home. Then, instead of having to teach Excel in the classroom, you’d be free to focus your valuable class time on building model budgets together.

3. Give your presentations a makeover. Show students how to build engaging presentations by giving your own routine a refresh. In Designing a Presentation, Justin Seeley guides you through creating a visually stimulating and story-focused presentation, and in Public Speaking Fundamentals, Laura Bergells shows you tricks for getting those back-to-school butterflies out of your stomach and helping you feel confident greeting a new class.

Welcome back to school with lynda.com. We hope these courses help to make it a great year for you and your class.

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