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By Jolie Miller |

A playlist for job hunters

Looking for a job?  We've got a new playlist of courses that can help.

Whether you’re making a move to a new industry, joining the workforce after high school or college, or looking to take your skills in a new direction, job hunting can be a rewarding experience. If you’re prepared and you’ve done your research, the experience can help you discover your own strengths—and uncover areas where you need improvement.

lynda.com has a playlist of courses to help while you’re on the hunt, including tips on proactively managing your career, negotiating an offer, and building your professional connections in between. We even have a short interview with the Director of Career Services at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, who shares her favorite tips for finding the perfect job in your next career move.

Along with the playlist, here are a few tips that have helped me over the years. Consider them while you’re hunting for a new job:

1. Even if you don’t get a call back, an interview, or the job you want, use each experience of researching a position, customizing your resume, and submitting your application as a way to learn something new. I always ask myself: How can I grow from this and become a stronger professional? Perhaps you’ll make a connection that’s beneficial down the line or discover how your skills translate to a new industry.

2. Go to every interview you’re offered—even if you’re not sure you want the job. Every chance to interview is an opportunity to polish your presence and conversational skills. It keeps you sharp and prepared for the times you need to make a move.

3. Every six to nine months, take a look at on how your career has developed. Have you received a promotion, won an award, taken courses, or obtained a certification? If not, can you take steps to continue developing yourself outside of work? Make sure to keep LinkedIn—and your resume—updated with your latest accomplishments. I also like to set a yearly professional development goal for myself; a few years ago it was to earn the PMP certification. This year, it’s to watch 52 lynda.com courses on various topics.

4. Create content. People should be able to find you online and discover what you think, what you’re passionate about, and where you contribute. So write, photograph, tweet, do. Make contributions that are hard to ignore so that you become a compelling candidate, not just another face in the crowd.

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