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By Jess Stratton |

The 4 Qualities of Top Etsy Sellers

Selling on Etsy

You’ve built the shop, and you’ve got a stunning set of handmade products to sell that you’ve worked hard on. How can you take your existing shop and make it great?

To get the answer, let’s examine some traits of Etsy sellers who took their shops and turned them into successful businesses.



1. They built a brand.

Their shop name matches their Etsy username, which in turn matches their Twitter username. They have one avatar that they use across all social media platforms, so that if a fan of their handmade goods finds them on Twitter, they’ll know they have the right account. Oh, and Etsy sellers LOVE engaging with their customers on Twitter.


2. They know which tags work for them, and take advantage of synonyms.

Etsy’s categories and tags run deeper than what you see on the home page. Customers who browse Etsy often know exactly what they’re looking for, and put those keywords directly into the search box.


Is your product a great gift for a certain holiday? Would it make a fantastic graduation gift? Is it unique? Funky? Boho? Is it a statement necklace? If your products feature seaside themes like sea stars, anchors, and lobsters, your overall theme can reach a wider audience with synonym tags like nautical, ocean, beach, etc.


3. They take amazing photographs.

On Etsy, a picture really is worth a thousand words. Take the time to learn how to take attention-grabbing photos and how to get creative with them (check out Product Photography for Clothes and Textiles and Product Photography for Jewelry  on lynda.com). Take photos at multiple angles, and use different backgrounds. Browse the site and take note of the products that catch your eye immediately. Do you like photos that show someone modeling jewelry or a handbag—or do you prefer photos that show close ups of the products?


4. They make their packaging part of the experience.

On Etsy, the transaction doesn’t end when someone buys your goods. As a seller, you have a fantastic opportunity to connect with your customers and be a responsive business owner and community member. The great Etsy sellers know this, and they make their packaging part of the experience.


A buyer can feel special opening a package in the mail that’s wrapped delicately in tissue paper. It adds a special something having your branded label stuck to a jewelry box wrapped in a bow. These details don’t have to be expensive; you can make fantastic labels right from your home printer.


None of these things take much extra time—but when put together, they can turn your Etsy shop into a branded and memorable experience for your customers. When buyers have a great experience, they’ll share it on Facebook. Their friends will share it, and then friends of friends will share it!


For more tips, watch my short new course Selling on Etsy on lynda.com.

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