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By Scott Fegette |

Celebrate 12 Days of Learning — with Free Online Courses

free online courses for 12 Days of Learning at lynda.com

Stuck indoors? Need a break from holiday revelry? Join us at lynda.com, where we’re celebrating 12 Days of Learning by offering 12 free online courses over the next 12 days.

Join us each day and learn something new as we unlock a free course in each of the following topic areas.

Day 1: Photography


Managing your Mobile Photos

Learn how to back up and store your mobile photos and videos easily and automatically.

Day 2: Business Skills


Managing Stress

Whether you’re taking time off or working through the holidays, we can help you cut down on the stress—and take a much-deserved deep breath.

Day 3: Development


Up and Running with Raspberry Pi

Have fun on the cutting edge of technology by learning how to program the Raspberry Pi–a fun, pint-sized computing device.

Day 4: Design


Before & After: Graphic Design Techniques

Take a few minutes to level up your design skills with this series of short but effective tips.

Day 5: Video


Getting Started with Stop Motion Animation

Staying indoors for a spell? Make your first stop-motion animation—with us!

Day 6: CAD


Getting Started with MakerBot 3D Printers

These are all the rage right now—and easier to use than you think. We’ll show you how.

Day 7: IT


Setting Up a Small Office Network

Ready for a productive new year? Get situated with a home or small office network. Here’s how!

Day 8: Marketing


Personal Branding Basics

Prepare to make 2015 the year of You. We’ll show you how to put your best foot forward by managing the way you’re perceived.

Day 9: Audio + Music


Getting Started in the Business of Songwriting

Writing songs for fun? We’ll help you take it to the next level.

Day 10: Web


Writing for the Web

Put your words in the best light: Learn how to write effective, engaging copy for your online audience.

Day 11: Education


Flipping the Classroom

Delve into this huge education trend, designed to increase your students’ engagement and success. We’ll help you get started.

Day 12: 3D + Animation


Vehicle Modeling in Blender

Create a virtual Hot Wheels car—or design your next dream ride—by learning how to model vehicles in Blender.

All of these courses are unlocked and available for everyone to watch through January 1, 2015, so be sure to watch and close out your 2014 strong—with 12 days of free learning!


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