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Testimonials often receives unsolicited e-mails from satisfied customers. Here are a few recent comments.

How'd I live without it?

Despite knowing about @lynda for years, this week I jumped on board and I don't know how I lived without them. #FF

-Justin D.  -05/2014

Course + coffee

Afternoon in Starbucks with @lynda's Titanium course.

-Tony M.  -05/2014

Saved me again!

Oh, @lynda you saved me again! What would I do without you?!

-TG L.  -05/2014

Keeping me company

Glad to have @lynda keeping me company as I power through web design tonight. 

-Taylor B.  -05/2014

I live for lynda

OMG I live for Lynda. Helped me so much in my digital media design class this semester.

-Rachel W.  -05/2014

Never stop learning!

All these film-making tutorials on @lynda are seriously addicting. Never stop learning as my grampa would always say! 

-Ava V.  -05/2014

Great content, great instructor

Shooting with the iPhone 5S is a really good course. Great content. Great, interesting instructor. Well organized and high production quality. Kudos to both Ben and

-Jeff E.  -05/2014

Taught me 90% of what I know

Ben Long is the best, 90% of what I know about photography I've learned from watching his vids on lynda.

Paul D.

-Paul D.  -05/2014

Learning WordPress

Clicking away through my @WordPress training. Thanks to my @lynda subscription. Learned that 18% of all websites are run with #WordPress.

-Kim N.  -05/2014

I admit it: You're good

Really have to admit that @lynda courses are incredibly good. #xcode #iosdev

-James F.  -05/2014

Innovate with lynda

Wondering how I never heard of @lynda until now!... There's a breadth of free, applicable skills worth learning. #Innovate

-Brice S.  -05/2014

Learning is living

Today I signed up for my favorite classes at @lynda ( #Learning is living or vice versa.

-Wenche S.  -05/2014

Learning ASP.NET

Learning ASP.NET MVC with great @lynda video tutorials by Michael Sullivan and Jess Chadwick.

-Phil M.  -05/2014

Brilliant website

Just learned about your site in a work meeting...can't wait to check out the other topics at home. Brilliant website.

-Patty A.  -05/2014

Great value

Designing an Infographic is a great course. Highly recommend a account, great value for money. Great for furthering your own professional development.

-John C.  -05/2014

Learning from my bedroom

#SHOUTOUT to @lynda for being awesome & giving me the #opportunity to #learn about all sorts of cool things from the comfort of my bedroom!

-Sierra E.  -05/2014

Quality is amazing

Just a word to say thanks for everything! I learned a new job thanks to you, and especially Mr. Ben Long. The production and quality are amazing. If only people would turn off the TV and turn on

-Alex M.  -05/2014

So much more convenient!

Hey! Thank you so much for making it easier to get back to the course you were previously watching! So much more convenient. I am so grateful!
-Caroline L.  -05/2014

Yes, you CAN learn to code

When someone says they can’t learn how to write code, I show them @lynda’s series Programming for Non-programmers … at 0.5x. Works every time.

-Steven F.  -04/2014

4 months of learning in 4 hours

I love to read but @lynda just taught me in 4 hours what it would have taken me 4 months to learn!

-Chris N.  -04/2014

Replaced my Netflix time

Weekly review of how I spent time on my computer: @lynda has pretty much replaced my regular Netflix time. #learnallthethings

-Chellie C.  -04/2014

Mastering Bootstrap, Foundation

Learning all about Bootstrap via video training courses on @lynda. Looking forward to doing the same with Foundation next.

-Michael G.  -04/2014

Loaded iPad for in-flight learning

Got my iPad filled with @lynda videos for my transcontinental flight, time to learn FCPX. Flying and learning! #lifeinmy30s

-Harrison B.  -04/2014

Learning at new job

So, gotta say, I’m loving @lynda for #elearning at my new job. Great stuff on Dreamweaver, Adobe products in gen, & almost anything else.

-Clint H.  -04/2014

Made Premiere more powerful to me

After 6 hours of education on @lynda Adobe Premiere is 100x more powerful to me. What a great resource. 

-Kevin L.  -04/2014

Countdown to lynda summer

3 weeks until my @lynda summer begins! Finally have time to myself to learn stuff. School is sometimes tedious and stifling.

-Kristine K.  -04/2014

Turn tweets into resumé boosters

Take the @lynda course on marketing with Twitter. It can turn your tweets into resume enhancers.

-Christopher W.  -04/2014

Download makes commuting wonderful

Hold the phone. You can download @lynda videos to your iPad for offline viewing? Commuting just became wonderful.

-Anja H.  -04/2014

Nerd alert: Font course in bed

You know you’re a nerd when you’re laying in bed watching @lynda tutorials on #Font Management Essentials … #design #graphics #typefaces

-Holly S.  -04/2014

Like YouTube on steroids!

@lynda tutorials R awesome. It’s like YouTube on steroids! You couldn’t be in a better audience. I learn so much! Thanks!!

-Cathleen M.  -04/2014

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