Privacy Statement for error reporting and feedback reporting

Last updated: April 10, 2011

Note: this Privacy Statement is intended to apply only to Error Reports and Feedback Reports in conjunction with’s Office Ribbon Plug-in or any other products in which you are given the online opportunity to report errors to The Privacy Policy found on the home page does not apply to this error reporting and feedback reporting.

Why collects Error Reports and Feedback Reports wants to ensure that you have the best possible experience using the Office Ribbon Plug-in (the 'plug-in') and any other products which generate an Error Reports or Feedback Reports. The information you provide will help and its partners identify and resolve problems you have, and improve your user experience. In addition, the reports you submit might also lead to improvements and updates to make the Plug-in more reliable and useful.

How and what data is collected

Generally, you are asked if you wish to submit this information to The Error Report and Feedback Report collect the data listed below, when that information is available. The Error Report and Feedback Report try to collect the most useful information about what interrupted your use of the plug-in or other product, in order to facilitate diagnosis and resolution of the issue. Here's what is collected and sent to us:
    - Information about your machine/device including computer hardware in use, operating system type and version, service pack, Windows edition installed, Microsoft Office version installed, and your computer's Internet Protocol(IP) address
    - Office Ribbon Plug-In version installed
    - Windows Media Player version installed
    - Account type (administrator, member, multi-user, etc.)
    - List of video codecs installed on your machine
    - Antivirus product and version (because it might block Office or plug-in interaction with
    - CD/DVD burning software if possible (video codec contained can interfere with the media player)
    - Office Ribbon Plug-in application log file and event log entries related to Office/Plug-in crashes
    - Office product in use at the time the plug-in crashed
    - Your feedback form
    - Account information that is encrypted in your email message: user name, membership type, email address

Your IP address is only used to generate aggregate statistics, and not to identify you or contact you. The reports collect some account information and may unintentionally collect personal information, but this information is not used to identify you or contact you, either. It is possible that part of a video you were viewing or report you were working on when the error occurred will be submitted. If you are concerned that this will include personal or confidential information, do not submit the reports to us.

Who uses the information collected will use the information to improve the plug-in and any other relevant products. Access will be provided to employees, consultants, contractors and vendors who have a need to know; may employ contractors to perform services described in this Statement. Any such persons will be subject to obligations of confidentiality. In addition, if it seems that the problem may relate not to the Plug-in but to a partner program, such as a Microsoft Office program, may share the information with the relevant partner. Aggregated information also may be shared to improve performance.

Information processing and storage

The data and information that we collect may be processed and stored in the United States or abroad. may disclose any information it is required by law to disclose, or when it has a good faith belief that such action is necessary to: (a) prevent the commission of a crime; (b) comply with applicable law or legal process served upon; (c) protect or defend the rights, personal safety or property of employees, subcontractors, customers, vendors, or members of the public.

Changes to the Privacy Statement reserves the right to modify this Privacy Statement. Any changes will be indicated by a change in "Last updated" date at the top of this Statement. Please periodically review this Privacy Statement to be aware of any changes.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us about this statement at, Inc., 6410 Via Real, Carpinteria, CA 93013 or by email at

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