ZBrush 3 for Windows Essential Training

with Eric Keller
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ZBrush 3 for Windows Essential Training
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Pixologic's ZBrush 3 stands at the forefront of digital 3D sculpting and 2.5D painting, a new medium that is taking the art and entertainment worlds by storm. Visual effects artist Eric Keller shares his expertise and talents in ZBrush 3 for Windows Essential Training. He presents the concepts behind digital sculpting, shows how to produce fantastic images using the unique ZBrush toolset and interface, and demonstrates the power of the Digital Clay and Sculpting brushes. To offer a richer understanding of the application, Eric gives a guided tour of the interface and addresses the most common problems experienced by new users. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Building and posing digital armatures for sculpture
  • Importing models from other 3D programs
  • Learning how to sculpt a human head based on reference images
  • Detailing skin and surfaces using textures and stencils
  • Creating illustrations with depth, lighting, and surface materials
3D + Animation


- [Voiceover] Hi, and welcome to lynda.com's ZBrush 3 Essentials title. My name is Eric Keller and I'll be your guide throughout this title, showing you how to use the ZBrush interface and create your own amazing illustrations and sculptures. I've been using ZBrush now since version two, so that's about five years now, and there's a lot of new powerful features in ZBrush 3 that I'm really excited to show you. So I know you're excited to get started working with digital clay, so let's move on and get to work.

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