Avid Xpress Pro 5.5 Essential Editing

with Chris North
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Avid Xpress Pro 5.5 Essential Editing
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All filmmakers and television producers (budding and experienced alike) will probably use an Avid product at some point in their careers. Avid Xpress Pro 5.5 Essential Editing covers the latest version of this high-end editing application, from the basics of using its interface to the ins and outs of rendering, creating titles and credits, and importing and exporting footage. Chris also demonstrates a range of hands-on editing techniques. Exercise files accompany this training.

Topics include:
  • Exploring and customizing the user interface Organizing media and planning a story Editing essentials Moving clips around on the timeline Adding and modifying transitions Using the Effects palette and editor Rendering principles Creating titles and credits Editing and manipulating audio Importing footage and live capture Recording to tape Exporting files and media
Xpress Pro


Hello, there! My name is Chris and I am hoping to be able to introduce you to the wonderful world of editing on the Avid. I have been an editor and motion graphics designer for nearly ten years now and I have been using Avid as my editing system of choice for pretty much all that time. I have used other editing programs as well, but I'll make absolutely no secret of the fact that I am a big fan of Avid. I love it; it works extremely well. It has evolved over many, many years and incorporated the suggestions of thousands of editors who work in all manner of different kind of shows, whether it's corporate dramas, TV commercials or feature films. So, it has very much got that feel of a piece of software that's been designed first and foremost by editors rather than software engineers, which can sometimes happen with this kind of stuff. But of course, at the end of the day, the real reason we have these tools in the first place is to edit and to tell the stories that we want to tell.

So in this title, I have tried to focus on the basics only to introduce you to editing techniques and the way in which Avid works, so that at the end hopefully, you will be confident enough to just get on here and start creating. If you're new to editing, you'll just want to follow straight through the title from beginning to end. If, however, you are currently using another editing package, such as Final Cut Pro or Premier, you might like to quickly take a look at 12th chapter where we talk about transitioning from other editing systems. Now, of course, by now if you are American, you've probably noticed something odd going on to my accent and that's of course because I am a Brit. So, if I occasionally say 'Zed' instead of 'Zee' or we will talk about la-soo-ing instead of lass-o-ing, I hope you still would be able to follow what I am talking about.

But anyway, enough waffling from me. Go and get yourself a nice cup tea and a Marmite sandwich and when you're all settled, let's get started.

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