Real-World XML

with Joe Marini
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Real-World XML
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XML technologies offer web developers and designers more flexibility than ever before. In Real-World XML, industry expert Joe Marini covers the best programming practices with XML, including the tools needed to build effective XML structures. He demonstrates the implementation of XML formats, how these formats work in real-world situations, and how they can facilitate project planning and development. Exercise files accompany the course.

XML Essential Training is a prerequisite for getting the most out of this course.

Topics include:
  • Understanding the Sitemap index format
  • Integrating XML and design
  • Using XML effectively in Firefox and Internet Explorer
  • Avoiding common design mistakes
  • Understanding and implementing DOM algorithms
  • Building an XML tag set
  • Using XML with RSS and Atom
  • Processing XML data with XSLT
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- With all the data we have to deal with. As developers and designers, the world needs a way to transmit it, store it, and describe it. Well, I have a three word solution for you. Extensible markup language. (tinkling piano music) Okay, I'll make it three letters, XML. I'm Joe Marini, and this is Real-World XML. I've spent the better part of my career, working in the web and graphics industries, developing applications like Dreamweaver, Expression and QuarkXPress. And during this time, I've seen XML become more and more important for information exchange on the web.

Now in this title, I'll show you how XML is used in the real-world. From common formats like RSS and ATOM, to technologies for processing XML data, like XSLT. I'll also show you how you can build your own XML tag set and review some XML design and development techniques, I've learned over the years. I'll be showing you these tools and techniques with an eye to making them applicable to your development needs, so you can use what you've learned here, in your work environment. Now, let's get started with Real-World XML.

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