WordPress Plugins: Backing Up Your Site

with Morten Rand-Hendriksen
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WordPress Plugins: Backing Up Your Site
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IT pros say, "Nobody wants a backup; everybody wants a restore." But the truth is backups are critical to getting your WordPress site running again when it's broken or, even worse, hacked. So in this course, lynda.com staff author Morten Rand-Hendriksen introduces two different plugins to add automatic backup routines to your WordPress site, Backup to Dropbox and BackWPup, and shows how to use these backups to restore your site to a stable state. Devote an hour to learning how to start backing up your WordPress data now, and save countless time and worry later.

Topics include:
  • Figuring out what to back up on your WordPress site
  • Installing and activating Backup to Dropbox
  • Setting up automatic backups
  • Accessing backups from Dropbox
  • Creating a custom backup job with BackWPup
  • Restoring your WordPress site from a backup


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Morten Rand-Hendriksen, staff author at Lynda.com, and I'm excited to welcome you to WordPress Plugins: Backing Up Your Site. In this course, we'll look at two plugins that allow you to set up and schedule custom backups for your site to be stored on Dropbox and other services. I'll also walk you through the process of restoring a broken or hacked site from a backup. First, we'll look at why backing up your WordPress site is important, and what you need to back up.

Then, we'll install the WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin to configure simple backups to your Dropbox account. Next, we'll look at the more advanced BackWPup plugin and see how to create different backup jobs and make a more customized backup routine. And finally, I'll walk you through the step-by-step process of restoring your site from a backup. So let's get cracking with WordPress Plugins: Backing Up Your Site.

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