Creating and Managing a Blog Network with WordPress

with Justin Seeley
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Creating and Managing a Blog Network with WordPress
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This course presents the WordPress Multisite feature, which allows web site designers and administrators to create a network of sites and blogs from a single installation of WordPress. Author Justin Seeley covers installing the network components, configuring their web server/hosting environment, using the Multisite Network Administration panel, managing users, and backing up, migrating, and restoring a multisite installation.

Topics include:
  • Optimizing the hosting environment for Multisite
  • Enabling the Network feature
  • Troubleshooting network configurations
  • Creating your first site
  • Installing and enabling themes on a per-site basis
  • Defining a default theme sitewide
  • Controlling access to sites
  • Enabling features for site administrators
  • Displaying a list of networked sites
  • Broadcasting news across all sites
  • Gathering and using comments network-wide
  • Mapping domains and mapping to certain sites
  • Installing and configuring BackupBuddy
  • Migrating a stand-alone site into a network


Hi! I'm Justin Seeley, and welcome to Creating a Blog Network with WordPress. In this course, we'll take a look at how to create a WordPress Multisite Installation, how to effectively manage a blog network using WordPress, and how to add a layer of security by backing up your multisite environment. I'll start off by showing you how to enable the multisite feature using a code editor and a little PHP. Then we'll see how to manage our WordPress Multisite using the Network Administration panel. We'll see how to create complete backups of your WordPress site using the BackupBuddy plug-in and how to store those backups to various remote destinations.

We'll be covering all of the features of WordPress Multisite, plus I'll have plenty of tips, tricks, and time- saving workarounds along the way. Now let's get started with Creating a Blog Network with WordPress.

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