Importing documents

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Importing documents

Opening a document and importing a document are really one and the same. Opening a document in Word usually refers to opening a Word document. It's when you start opening other types of documents that you might use the term importing. For example, if someone gave you a WordPerfect document and you wanted to open it up in Word you might call that importing a WordPerfect document, when the truth is you really just open it like you would a Word document with one tiny extra step. So let's check this out. We'll go to the Office button and give it a click.

And then we'll click on Open. Now I'm navigating to my Lesson 2 folder of my exercise files, make sure you're looking at that folder first of all, so you may need to navigate there. By default, I am listing all Word documents only. How I know that? If I look down to the bottom here, I can see that All Word Documents is selected. So that's all I'm going to see. Even if there's other types of documents in this folder, I won't even see them here. And that is the default, but we can change that. We can also change the view, because right now I can see that I've got two Word documents, but the icons look slightly different.

The job posting icon looks like the old Word that I'm used to seeing and this newsletter here has a different icon that looks slightly different. As I hover over the document with my mouse pointer, you see the type is Microsoft Office Word document. OK. If I hover over job posting, this is a Microsoft Office Word 97 to 2003 document. This is an older version of Word. New versions now have an extension of .DOCX. So whenever we create a new document in Word 2007 it will have a DOCX extension.

Now the older versions just had DOC on the end. So that was between Word 97 all the way up to version 2003 that we saw that .DOC extension. So. I'm looking at all Word documents, whether they are old or new, and I open on the exact same way. So if I go up to job posting here again, give it a click and then click on Open, I'm going to open up that document in Word 2007. And what I've really done, if you think about it, is I just imported this document since it was an older format of Microsoft Word.

Now the same applies when choosing a document created in a totally different application like Corel WordPerfect for example. We just have to make sure that the WordPerfect documents are going to be listed and selectable first, and that's in that list of files we saw on the Open dialog box. So here's what I mean by that. We'll go back to our Office button and click Open again. And now we're going to change our view slightly, I'll click View here. And I'm going to change it to Details, because it shows me a little bit more information about the list of documents I'm looking at.

Now we're still looking at all word documents but we're seeing more information about them here. I knew to go to the right border and when I get this double arrow, I'm going to click and hold my mouse button down and just drag it to the right so I can see more information. I'd also like to see more in this column. It seems to be getting cut off so I'm going to go to the column border here. When I see the double arrow. I'll click and drag it to the right as well. OK. So there's my Word 97 to 2003 document, the one I just opened, and there's my newsletter, which is just our standard Microsoft Office Word document, the new version with the .DOCX extension.

Now there may be other files lurking in this folder. I wouldn't know that because I'm only listing the Word documents, but if I click this drop-down, I've got a whole bunch of other choices to select from, including webpages and templates and rich text format. There's some WordPerfect options here as well, or I can simply go to the top and click All Files. So this is going to list every single file in my Lesson 2 folder, and sure enough, there's one that ends with .WPD. This is a WordPerfect document. It's call job posting, the icon looks different and you can see it's a WPD file.

SO I'm going to click on that and then I'll click the Open button. So it takes my Corel WordPerfect document, converts it on the fly, and opens it up here in Word 2007. You can see there might be a little bit of editing I need to do. It may not look exactly like my other document. For example, sometimes not every font translates the same, but in effect, what I've done is I've just imported my WordPerfect document. So that's really all there is to it. There are other formats to choose from too, so you'll want to explore those and you can relax knowing that you'll never have to redo work that's already been done in some other application.

Importing documents
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Importing documents provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by David Rivers as part of the Word 2007 Essential Training

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