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Creating new documents

When it comes time to create a new document in Word 2007, you can start from scratch with a new blank document or you can get some help from Microsoft through templates that have either been installed or are available online. If you're connected to the Internet the options to choose from are incredible. So let's say in this scenario you'd like to create a resume. We'll look it doing it from scratch first then we'll check out the help that's available through templates. So first thing I want to do is close any documents that I have open. We'll go up to the Office button, down to Close, give it a click, and I have no other documents open at this time. Perfect.

So now I want to create my new document. I'm going to go back to the Office button, give it a click and now I'll click on New. And the next thing that happens is the New Document dialog box opens up and you can see what selected here by default. It's Blank document. I've also got another one here, Blank and Recent is the category, so new blank document. This one's always going to show up and then any other recent ones I may have created new. I want to do a new blank document, so make sure it's selected. That's right, nothing. Just a blank page.

So when I click Create that's exactly what I get. I'm working now in my new document, which is a blank page. Mine's numbered Document 4, your's may have a different number. It depends on how many other documents you've worked with so far. But mine's labeled Document 4 until I name it otherwise. Okay so let's start typing some text here. I'm going to type in "Curriculum vitae" Make sure to spell it right. I'll hit the Enter key and down on the next line I'll just type in my own name. There we go. OK, so this could take a while obviously.

Not only do I need to enter my content, but I've also got to worry about the formatting as well. So maybe there's a better way. And indeed there is. We're going to go up to the Office button now and then go down to New. and from the New Document dialog box, look down the left-hand side here. You've got Installed templates, My templates, if you wanted to create your own, New from an existing template and then look at this, Microsoft Office Online has a whole bunch of templates in various categories. Featured, agendas, look at this, business cards down here, envelopes, faxes, greeting cards down here, invitations and if I use the scroll bar, look at that list, it goes on and on.

I'm going to scroll all way back up and just worry about what I've got installed. So I'll click Installed templates right here. And over here in the next window I see some of those installed templates, like a new blog post. Or equity fax. Equity is the style. And there's an equity style letter, merge fax, and I've got a scrollbar here that I'm going to scroll down through the various different types of documents and templates I can create. Reports... Ah, there's a resume. It's under the Equity labels so it's got a certain style to it.

So if I want that one I can go with it. But I'll keep scrolling though, because there might be a better one. Go through the Meridians, you can see there's some reports and letters and resumes under the Meridian style. And then we get to Oriel, and I've got letter, fax, there's another letter, a merge letter, a report and there's the one I want, right there. Oriel resume. I'll give it a click, check out the preview, yeah, that looks great. That's exactly what I want and down below I'm actually going to be creating a new document from this template.

I don't want to create a new template quite yet, but I could create a new template based on this one if I wanted to. So I'll click Create with Document selected and now it starts to create my new document and all I need to do is fill in some blanks. And you can see up here, it's got an objective and as I hover over the area that says, "Type your objective", it gets highlighted. That means I'll be able to click on that and type right over what's there. These are little markers in my document. Type the school name, the completion date. Then we get into experience where I've got job titles and start dates.

Over here on the right you can see my name is showing up. Just my first name, so I can click right here after my first name and finish it off. I'll type in, in caps, RIVERS. Down below that here it says, "Type your address". There's your phone number, so I'd simply come in here, click and start filling in the blanks, so to speak. So for example, type your objectives. "To get a great job." You've got the idea. So that's just one template of many that are installed on my computer, like I said, with an Internet connection you can have access to tons more.

I'll go up here to my Office button and click New again just to review some of the ones that are online. So I invite you, if you're connected to the Internet, to scroll through this list and just experiment with some of these. Look at this, we've got postcards, there's resumes down there and you'll have a whole slew of resumes to choose from online. Of course you have quite a few that are installed with the application so clicking Installed templates will give you this list here and you can see the list does go on for quite a while.

So I've got another style down here under the Urban heading and you can see that the Urban resume, if I click on it, is a totally different style. So that I can have the exact same information but it can look so much different depending on the template I choose. I'll click Cancel down here. So creating a new document in Word is extremely fast and easy now with a lot of options. So like I said, explore some of those templates and have fun creating.

Creating new documents
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Creating new documents provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by David Rivers as part of the Word 2007 Essential Training

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