Building Templates in Word

with Mariann Siegert
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Building Templates in Word
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In this course, author Mariann Siegert shares how to harness the power of templates in Microsoft Word and create efficient and repeatable workflows. The course focuses on the basics of using and applying templates but also shows how to create custom templates with document property fields, macros, content controls, building blocks, and styles. Also discover how to create style set templates to make documents more efficient and consistent; use organizers to copy styles, macros, and Autotext between templates; modify the default Normal template; and create workgroup, global, and add-in templates to share with colleagues.

Topics include:
  • Using, applying, and modifying templates
  • Creating custom templates
  • Using organizers to copy styles, AutoText, and macros
  • Adding building blocks and content controls
  • Inserting field codes and document properties
  • Creating style set templates
  • Creating global, workgroup, and add-in templates
  • Modifying the Normal.dotm template


- [Voiceover] Hi. I'm Mariann Siegert, and welcome to Building Templates in Word. In this course, I'll show you how to not only use and apply templates, but we'll create templates that contain powerful features, such as document property fields, macros, content controls and styles. I'll show you how to create global templates and add-ins, and workgroup folders that will enable you to share your templates with other. We'll create style set templates to make your documents and workflow more efficient and consistent, and use organizers to copy styles, macros, and AutoText.

We'll cover all of these features plus plenty of other tools and techniques. Are you ready to start building templates in Word? Let's go.

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