Building Blocks and Macros in Word

with Mariann Siegert
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Building Blocks and Macros in Word
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Streamline your workflows and cut time spent on document creation by taking advantage of building blocks and macros in Microsoft Word. Author Mariann Siegert illustrates how to create, store, and effortlessly reuse pieces of document information such as boilerplate text, graphics, tables, shapes, fields, and content controls. The course also explains how to record macros to capture the steps in your workflow and run them with a single click. The course includes five real-world projects and introduces Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), the language on which Word macros are based.

Topics include:
  • Using built-in and custom building blocks
  • Adding power utilizing building block content controls
  • Using building blocks and macros together
  • Recording, playing, and pausing macros
  • Saving macro-enabled documents and templates
  • Employing macros and field codes together
  • Assigning keyboard shortcuts and buttons to macros
  • Editing and combining macros
  • Getting started with VBA code


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Mariann Siegert, and welcome to Building Blocks and Macros in Word. In this course, we'll look at how you can use building blocks and macros to streamline your workflows. I'll start by showing you how to set up, create, and save building blocks. Then I'll show you how to capture document formatting with macros to speed up repetitive tasks. We'll work on several real world macro projects that use some of Word's advanced features, such as combining the power of building blocks and macros together, creating field codes and popup boxes that obtain information from the user, and even run macros automatically upon opening a document using auto macros.

We'll cover all of these features plus plenty of other tools and techniques. Are you ready to get started with Building Blocks and Macros in Word? Let's go.

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