Word 2010 New Features

with Gini Courter
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Word 2010 New Features
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Word 2010 New Features shows how to use the features in Microsoft Word 2010 to proficiently create professionally formatted and richly illustrated documents. Author Gini Courter shows how to use its collaboration and saving tools and takes a complete tour of the Backstage file management system. The course also covers text effects and SmartArt layouts, improved image editing tools, and workspace customization options. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Ensuring document compatibility
  • Managing documents with Backstage view
  • Recovering unsaved documents
  • Co-authoring in SharePoint
  • Adjusting pictures and adding effects
  • Inserting screenshots into documents
  • Reviewing and annotating directly in a document with a tablet computer


(whooshing wind) - I'm Gini Courter, and I'd like to welcome you to Word 2010 New Features. In this course, I'll show you the new and improved features in Word 2010, and more importantly, talk about why you might want to use these new features when you create documents. We'll start by taking a look at the new collaboration and saving tools, and then take a complete tour of the new file management system known as Backstage. We'll look at the new text effects, like Glow and Reflection, and the new and improved picture correction and enhancement tools.

We'll dive into some of the new customization options, which allow you to create your own personalized tabs and commands on the ribbon. From open text formatting to new SmartArt layouts, Word 2010 helps you create professionally formatted and richly illustrated documents quickly and easily. I've been training Microsoft Word users since Word for Windows 3.1. I'm pleased to have this opportunity to show you the latest and most powerful version of this best-selling word processor. Thank you for joining me for Word 2010 New Features.

Let's get started.

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