Word 2007: Creating Envelopes and Labels

with David Rivers
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Word 2007: Creating Envelopes and Labels
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In Word 2007: Creating Envelopes and Labels, instructor David Rivers shows how to use Microsoft Word to address, format, and print envelopes and labels. Whether to a single recipient or multiple addresses, timesaving techniques are shown that result in crisp and elegant correspondence. This course covers how to create a recipient list within Word or retrieve an existing contact list from Outlook, and then use the list in Mail Merge to address labels or envelopes. Other topics include customizing labels with graphics, printing electronic postage, and dealing with common printing errors. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Printing from a sheet of labels
  • Creating recipient lists
  • Using the Mail Merge wizard
  • Printing e-postage
  • Creating business cards


- [Voiceover] Hi I'm David Rivers, and welcome to Microsoft Word 2007 Envelopes and Labels. We'll begin by reviewing some of the basics when it comes to preparing, creating and printing an envelope or a label. Then, we'll explore the improved efficiency you can experience by using the various types of recipient lists available to you in Word 2007. Mail merging can sometimes be confusing, so we'll explore the benefits of using merge fields along with those recipient lists for creating and printing your envelopes and labels with the least amount of effort.

This includes using the mail merge wizard for step by step guidance, proper formatting for envelopes and labels, even using graphics to spice up your end results. Then, we'll explore the biggest time saver of all, electronic postage. No more driving to the nearest post office to buy the right postage for your envelopes or packages. Just print off your postage directly on the envelope or to a shipping label and drop them in the mail box. So if you're ready to dive into envelopes and labels in Word 2007, let's get started.

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