Windows 8 Release Preview First Look

with David Rivers
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Windows 8 Release Preview First Look
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Become acquainted with the newest release of the Windows operating system in this sneak peek at the Windows 8 Release Preview. Author David Rivers touches on all the updates and enhancements found in Windows 8, explaining how to transition seamlessly to the revamped user interface, navigate through the system with gestures and keyboard shortcuts, and work in several different applications, including Mail, Calendar, Messaging, and SkyDrive. The course also highlights changes to the redesigned Ribbon and explores some of the utilities for connecting with others and accessing the web.

Topics include:
  • Exploring the Start screen
  • Differentiating between Windows 8 editions
  • Personalizing the look and feel of Windows 8
  • Working with maps and photos
  • Exploring utility apps such as BitLocker, EFS, and Domain Join
  • Using File History
  • Exploring web navigation with Internet Explorer 10


Hi and welcome to Windows 8 Release Preview First Look. I'm David Rivers. Microsoft is poised to launch this newest rendition of their Windows Operating System later in the year and I can tell you right now it's going to take some getting used to. That's why we're going to spend some time here getting acquainted with the release preview of Windows 8. The code name by the way for the unfinished but publicly available operating system. We'll begin with a tour of the totally redesigned user interface which is designed around touch screens.

We'll explore some navigation techniques including gestures and keyboard shortcuts and we'll investigate the new ribbon interface of Windows Explorer. We'll also get familiar with a number of different apps beginning with store apps already installed and then moving on to the pro apps that get us under the hood if you will in Windows 8. We'll finish up by learning about some of the devices and utilities of Windows 8 for getting connected and accessing the web. So, with so many topics to explore let's get started.

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