Windows 8 Essential Training

with David Rivers
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Windows 8 Essential Training
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Windows 8 is a significant departure from previous versions of the operating system, offering new mobile integration, cloud storage, and security enhancements. This course shows you all the essential features you'll need to jump-start Windows 8—whether you work with it closely at the office or use it casually at home. Author David Rivers discusses the migration path from older versions of Windows to Windows 8, tours the new interface, reviews the new file and folder behaviors, and introduces the most useful apps, including Calendar, Photos, and Music. He also shows how to adjust system settings like default programs and volume, and how to work with external devices and setup networks. The final chapters show you how to keep your computer even more secure with Access Control and Windows Defender, and how to troubleshoot potential issues, like reversing fatal crashes.

Topics include:
  • Upgrading from other Windows versions
  • Transferring files to Windows 8
  • Organizing files and folders
  • Managing your inbox with the Mail app
  • Sending instant messages with Messaging
  • Working with Notepad, WordPad, and Paint
  • Controlling system sounds, volume, and accessibility options
  • Getting connected to the Internet
  • Keeping your PC secure with Windows Update
  • Using parental controls to block unwanted content
  • Printing from Windows 8
  • Fixing issues with the Problem Steps Recorder
  • Keeping file backups with File History
  • Navigating the web with Internet Explorer 10
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- Hi and welcome to Windows 8 Essential training, I'm David Rivers. Microsoft Windows is gone through yet another major makeover and in this course will get you up to speed on the essential features and functions of Windows 8, so you feel comfortable in this new environment. We'll begin by exploring what it takes to get upgraded to Windows 8 and then examine ways to transfer files from your existing Windows installation to the new Windows 8 environment. We'll get you comfortable navigating the new metro style user interface, before opening up the file explorer to work with the new ribbon interface to manipulate your files and folders.

We'll also be working with many of the Windows apps included in Windows 8 like, mail, photos, music, and video. Other topics to be covered include customizing your system settings to suit your individual needs. Devices and networking, Windows security and printing. We have a lot to cover, so let's get started with Windows 8 Essential training.

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