Up and Running with Windows 8

with Tim Grey
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Up and Running with Windows 8
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Windows 8 has some major differences from previous versions, including a new Start screen and support for touchscreen gestures. In this course veteran trainer Tim Grey will help you get oriented. After exploring the interface and the preinstalled applications, Tim shows how to add or remove applications, send and receive email, browse the web, view and share photos, play music and movies, and much more. Plus, see how to switch to the traditional desktop interface, if you prefer it, and get tips on managing, protecting, printing, and backing up your files.

Topics include:
  • Changing your environment and customizing live tiles
  • Using gestures
  • Creating and using a picture password
  • Using Windows applications
  • Working with media
  • Accessing and personalizing the desktop
  • Working with the File Explorer
  • Changing Windows settings
  • Printing
  • Backing up your files
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- Hello, I'm Tim Grey, and I'll be your instructor for this video course covering Windows 8. In many ways, Windows 8 represents a somewhat radical departure from previous versions of Windows. To begin with, the Start menu that has been a fixture since 1995 when Windows 95 was released, has been replaced by the Start screen. The Start screen changes how you interact with Windows and also changes quite a bit about how you approach and think about the Windows platform, as well as many of the applications you use. The second big development in Windows 8 is the focus on gestures you can utilize with a touchscreen display or other device, such as a tablet.

In short, there's no question that Windows 8 emphasizes and encourages the use of touchscreen devices. We'll begin this course with an overview of Windows 8 and an exploration of some of the key features and interface elements. We'll also take a look at the hands-on, literally, experience of working with a tablet device running Windows 8. You'll also learn how to utilize many of the new applications that are included with Windows 8, including Internet Explorer, Mail, Messenger, Calendar, and People, among others.

We'll also take a look at the various ways you can work with photos, videos, and music, as well as documents. I think you'll also see great potential in the SkyDrive platform for sharing documents across multiple devices, and we'll take a look at the possibilities there as well. While Windows 8 certainly revolves around the new Start screen, the familiar desktop environment is still there, and we'll explore how to put it to use for a variety of tasks, including running applications, working with the File Explorer, and more. Finally, we'll cover some of the key tasks related to the overall management of your computer system, including changing settings, using Windows Defender, and more.

By the time you've completed this course, you'll feel at home in the new interface of Windows 8, and will be able to confidently put this platform to use on both traditional computers and a wide variety of touchscreen devices that are becoming increasingly common. Let's get started.

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