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Organizing the Start screen

If you start installing a variety of applications, especially if you spend some time downloading applications from the Windows store, you'll likely find that your start screen starts to get a little bit cluttered. And you can see here as I scroll through that there doesn't seem to be a lot of organization at work here. So let's take a look at how we can clean up and better organize our Windows 8 start screen. The key thing is to think about categories for your applications. So, for example, you'll notice that I have a couple of games installed here.

And perhaps I'd like to have those games grouped together. I'll go ahead and click and drag one of those games, one of the applications that is a game, and I'll drag it over toward the right. Now if I were on a touch screen device, I could simply drag downward on that tile. And then drag elsewhere to move it around. And as I move further over to the right, you'll notice that I have a vertical bar here. A divider that indicates that if I release this tile it will be placed in a separate group now that separate group could be between two existing groups or over to the right or left past all the available groups.

In this case I'm going to create a new group over to the right so I'll release that application. And then I'll also drag Solitaire over into that location and it will be placed right next to the Chess application. And I may as well take the Games application over as well and put that into the same group. And then I might Zoom Out clicking that button at the bottom right of the Display or Pinching In, if I'm using a touch screen device and then right-clicking on the group I'd like to Rename or Flicking on it with a touch screen and then choosing the Name Group Option.

And I'll just call this Games, and click the Name button. And then I can click to zoom back in. I also have some applications that relate to travel, for example, so I can create a new group if I'd like based on those. I'll go ahead and click the Conde Nast Traveler application over. And create a new group out of that, and then I'll take Kayak and place that in the same place. certainly falls in to that category, and I think I'll put the travel application as well as the unit conversion application that I've downloaded since I typically use that when I'm traveling. And then I have some information applications here and some other applications I can certainly continue reorganizing, perhaps moving some of my productivity applications.

And just overall trying to ensure that I have a very nice and clean. Tidy, organized interface on my start screen. Keep in mind that I can adjust the size of the individual tiles, choosing between the large or small version of that tile. I can move those tiles around, and of course rearrange them as I see fit, and even rename the various groups. So I'll continue working on my Start screen here, working toward a very clean appearance so that I can quickly find just the application I need, when I need it.

Organizing the Start screen
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Organizing the Start screen provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Tim Grey as part of the Up and Running with Windows 8

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