Building Windows Store Apps Essential Training

with Walt Ritscher
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Building Windows Store Apps Essential Training
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Start creating apps to distribute to Microsoft Windows desktops, tablets, and phones. This course lays the groundwork for coding and distributing your very first app for Windows 8. First, explore the XAML and C# syntax and the tools for developing your code, including Visual Studio and Expression Blend. Then discover how to lay out your app's interface; add color, transforms, and page-to-page navigation; handle orientation changes for mobile devices; respond to events; and accept input via controls and touch gestures. Author and avid developer Walt Ritscher also shows how to configure Windows Tiles, which makes your app accessible, and charms, which allow you to search your app, change its settings, or share app data. Plus, learn advanced techniques for viewing, editing, and storing data and system files.

Topics include:
  • Understanding the Windows 8 ecosystem
  • Setting up Visual Studio 2012
  • Creating a new project
  • Using app templates to jump-start your project
  • Working with the device simulator
  • Debugging your app
  • Creating layout containers
  • Controlling the view states
  • Working with input controls like check boxes, sliders, and progress bars
  • Understanding the application life cycle
  • Sending notifications with the Toast API
  • Creating Live Tiles
  • Using data binding
  • Working with sensors and devices


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Walt Ritscher and I wanna welcome you to my Building Windows Store Apps Essential Training series. The apps that I'll be building during the course are intended to run on the new modern runtime known as WinRT. I'll start the series with an overview of this new system and show how to test your apps on actual and virtualized ARM hardware. Next I'll take a look at how to use visual studio and expression blend to create and edit your applications. I'll cover layout panels, controls and I talk about how to add images and media to your app.

I'll have a section on working with the application lifecycle and another on data and data binding. I'll cover application-wide topics like live tiles, charms and application contracts. Then I'll wrap up by showing you some interesting topics like working with the camera, the accelerometer and other installed devices. I can't wait to get started, let's go.

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