Windows Phone SDK Essential Training

with Michael Lehman
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Windows Phone SDK Essential Training
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Discover how to build professional apps that encompass the 17 major feature areas of Windows Phone, from XAML to multimedia to network access. In this course, author Michael Lehman details the standard hardware device configuration, teaches how to navigate the development environment, and explores the Windows Phone APIs. The course shows how to build sample applications while learning Windows Phone concepts and frameworks, including the Metro design language.

Topics include:
  • Downloading and installing the tools
  • Understanding the SDK
  • Designing the user experience (UX)
  • Implementing commands
  • Data binding with Silverlight
  • Exploring the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern
  • Loading external data
  • Capturing data from the camera, GPS, compass, and accelerometer
  • Recording and playing sound
  • Implementing persistence with isolated storage
  • Leveraging built-in tasks, choosers, and launchers
  • Expanding the available controls using the Silverlight and Coding4Fun toolkits
  • Cloning a Windows Phone app
  • Learning how to publish your app
Windows Phone


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Michael Lehman, and welcome to Windows Phone SDK Essential Training. In this course, I'll be walking you through app development, and showing you how to make the most of the Windows Phone OS and Microsoft's Toolkit. We'll start with a units converter with algorithms for temperature and volume. We'll build an audio recorder featuring a live VU meter that might be the basis for your own billion dollar idea. And, finally, what mobile app course would be complete without a monitor for Twitterfeeds? Ours features live tile support and a background agent to keep you up-to-date. Along the way, you'll see how to create compelling user experiences using metro design principles, construct multipage navigation schemes, use the built-in database engine, and access web-based data in both active apps and background agents.

Windows Phone is a unique and exciting platform with unlimited potential. So, let's get started with Windows Phone SDK Essential Training.

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