Adding and organizing video and pictures

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Adding and organizing video and pictures

Many of us who are about to create a Movie Maker project already have photos and video footage stored on our computer-- maybe on the hard-drive, for example. Well, we can bring that into our Movie Maker project. That's what we're going to do right now, with a brand-new project underway. You'll notice, over in the Storyboard pane here on the right-hand side, a link that says, "Click here to browse for videos and photos." That only appears there so long as there are no clips already on the storyboard. Once a clip is on the storyboard, you won't see this message, and you'll have to go up to Add Videos and Photos from the Add group, with the Home tab selected up here on the Ribbon.

Either of these will do the exact same thing; it will allow you to go browse in your computer for actual media. Now, in this case, we're going to go to the Assets folder of the Chapter 2 folder of the exercise files, where we do find some photos--some JPEG photos--as well as some Windows Media Video files. So we've got all of these that can be added. If you want to add one, just simply select it, like beach_78, and click Open. Notice it gets added to the storyboard. We see a preview here, and certain defaults are applied.

For example, this is going to appear in our movie for seven seconds. That's the default setting. Of course, we can change that. Notice also the option to browse for videos and photos disappears from the Storyboard pane. Now if we want more, we have to go up to the Ribbon and click Add Videos and Photos up here. It takes us right back to where we left off. Let's go get the other photo, beach_79, and let's get all of these video clips as well. So to select everything but the first photo, we'll click the second photo, scroll down to the last video clip, hold down the Shift key, and click to select everything in between, and once we've got them selected, click Open.

Now, they will all be added in the order they appeared, so we have probably some rearranging to do at this point. We have our clips, but they're probably not in the right order, unless you took pictures and video in the exact right order that you need them. So over here in the Storyboard pane, for example, beach_79--the second photo we brought in-- we really want that at the end. So we're going to click once, just to select that one clip. We're going to click and drag it down now to the very end. Notice the vertical bar that appears in between clips as we move around.

Once you see that vertical bar after the last clip, just release, and you've rearranged the photo. Now it's time to put our video clips in order. Now, it looks like the story here is getting ready to go surfing and then actually surfing. So let's start with--how about arriving at the ocean side here? surfing11. We'll click and drag that up, so it appears after our photo, and release. Notice as you hover over these clips, you get to see some information about them. When you click a video clip or a photo, you see a preview of the very first frame, and at anytime, you can click the Play button to see if that's the right clip.

If it is, perfect; it's in the right spot. All right! Next, we might want to get the surfboard ready. So this waxing clip here, we'll just move up after that second clip. Then it's getting dressed. So let's take surfing2, as we hover over this, and move it after the waxing scene. We have some more equipment here, surfing8. Move it up in between. There we go. You can see how everything is getting rearranged. Now, it's ready to run out into the ocean, surfing9.

We'll move it after that last clip that we just rearranged. Now, here we go to surfing12. So we'll move it after our last clip. It looks like the rest are actually surfing, except for this one: surfing10. If we click it and click Play, there is no real surfing going on there, so that might be good to actually move up at the beginning here after our first photo. So we'll just move that up. It becomes the second clip. Now we're into the ocean and surfing, so paddling out.

That would come next. We'll move it after the picture or the scene on the rocks. Now, we have some actual surfing footage. Let's move 7 just after that last one. It looks like we're ready. At anytime now, you can move back to the first clip and click Play to just preview the whole thing. You'll see the accumulated time appear here just below the preview of your video. That's going to take into consideration that photos automatically get seven seconds, and then your video clips, how they already have a certain amount of time applied to them.

So we've got everything in order. The first step is completed. It's time to save our project. So we'll go up to the Save button. You can save it wherever you like. I'm going to the Desktop here. Let's call this one "SurfingUSA"-- there we go--and click Save. So when you already have your video footage and your photos ready to go, it's a simple matter in Movie Maker of browsing to the correct location, correct folder, and bringing them in, and then sorting them, so that they're in the right order.

Adding and organizing video and pictures
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Adding and organizing video and pictures provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by David Rivers as part of the Windows Live Movie Maker Essential Training

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