Up and Running with WebEx Training Center

with Karen Hyder
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Up and Running with WebEx Training Center
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Watch as author Karen Hyder demonstrates how to use WebEx Training Center to hold effective online meetings with audio, video, and screen sharing capabilities. This course covers how to set up, host, and manage sessions using built-in collaboration tools; how to engage presenters with chat and polling; how to share presentation duties with other participants; and how to use the WebEx recording features to make content available to others at a later date.

Note: Those using Meeting Center will also be able to use this course.

Topics include:
  • Registering for a session
  • Creating an instant session
  • Inviting attendees and presenters
  • Logging in to a session from email
  • Adding course materials and tests
  • Sending and receiving WebEx chat messages
  • Assigning participant privileges
  • Activating audio and video controls
  • Changing participant roles
  • Uploading files and polls
  • Displaying and annotating slides
  • Enabling remote control of shared applications
  • Sharing web content
  • Troubleshooting audio
  • Managing breakout sessions
  • Recording and reviewing sessions
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- [Voiceover] Hello, I'm Karen Hyder. Welcome to Up and Running with WebEx training center. In this course I'll show you how to create online training sessions. And invite attendees to them. Manage the attendees abilities to contribute to the class. Connect with attendees using webcams and microphones. Solicit interaction to keep up with your attendees moods and needs. Issue polls to ascertain attendees experience levels. Load files and share applications.

Involve attendees by allowing them to control your screen. Organize attendees into collaborative break out sessions. Record your courses for later playback and generate reports. And review in session materials. In short we'll be looking at all the major features of this robust program. So let's get up and running with WebEx training center.

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