User Experience Fundamentals for Web Design (2012)

with Chris Nodder
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User Experience Fundamentals for Web Design (2012)
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Discover how to create a user experience that embodies utility, ease of use, and efficiency by identifying what people want from websites, how they search for information, and how to structure your content to take advantage of this. In this course, author Chris Nodder shows how to merge engineering, marketing, graphical and industrial design, and interface design to create a website that meets the needs of your customer, and is simple, elegant, and engaging. The course shows how to use graphics to help rather than hinder visitors, balance advertising and content, and integrate video, audio, and other media. Other tutorials consider the landing page experience and elements like contact forms from the visitor's perspective.

Topics include:
  • Applying simple, consistent, and standard design principles
  • Tailoring your menus, site map, and links for visitors
  • Understanding progressive navigation
  • Formatting page for information exchange
  • Understanding the importance of the homepage
  • Creating compelling category and landing pages
  • Showing the price for products
  • Having a call to action
  • Asking for information on forms
  • Using media to tell your story
  • Earning ad revenue without discrediting your site


(music playing) Hi! I'm Chris Nodder. Welcome to User Experience Fundamentals for web Design. User Experience means making every visitor feel like your website was built just for them. During this course, we'll focus on each area of the page in turn. Starting with navigation, then on to text and last of all, we'll look at graphics, media and adverts, to help you understand the best way of using each component. Next, we'll put all the elements of the page together and describe best practices for laying out information on different types of pages like homepages, forms, and product pages.

What you'll learn in this course will be useful to you whether you're designing anything from a personal blog site or portfolio through to an ecommerce website or a company's intranet. The guidelines in this course are based on psychological principles and lots of research into how people work with websites. That's my background. I've been doing user research for large companies and startups for the last 18 years, helping them create websites and products that people love to use. So let's get started.

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Q: How were the graphics for this course put together?
A: The graphics are drawn in house at by a graphic designer and then animated with Adobe After Effects. It is possible to get a similar effect using PowerPoint.
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