UX Design Tools: Axure

with Brian Thurston Bralczyk
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UX Design Tools: Axure
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Axure is a wireframing and prototyping tool for web and user experience designers. You can use it to create user flows and sitemaps, click-through wireframes, and robust, fully interactive prototypes. This course shows you how. Brian Thurston Bralczyk introduces Axure's ready-made widgets, functioning form elements, and dynamic content that can be hidden, moved around the page, or even animated. Plus, learn how to generate flows and sitemaps, and create adaptive web designs to view your project on a range of devices. By the end of this course, you'll be able to create prototypes that will help you communicate your designs to clients and developers, or even run large usability tests with prospective users.

Topics include:
  • Using and styling widgets
  • Setting up interactions
  • Creating hide/show options for content
  • Creating an accordion menu
  • Applying web fonts
  • Using flow widgets
  • Creating and placing masters
  • Styling pages
  • Adding form fields with widgets
  • Building a slideshow with dynamic panels
  • Setting up adaptive views


- [Voiceover] Hi there, I'm Brian Thurston, and I'm excited to be presenting this course on Axure RP. In this course, I'm going to be walking you through all the essentials of Axure. I'll start by showing you how to create and use widgets, and form inputs that create forms users can actually interact with. From there, I'll show you how to add interactivity that brings your prototype to life. We'll look at how to show and hide different content. We'll move things around the page, and we'll use Axure's powerful dynamic panels to seamlessly change out and animate content on the page.

We'll also be creating user flows, and use Axure to automatically generate site maps for us. And we'll end by taking everything we've built and making it work across multiple devices using Axure's adaptive web design tool. This is a beginning course, and no experience with Axure is needed. So put on your prototyping hats and let's get started with Axure RP.

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