UX Design Techniques: Analyzing User Data

with Chris Nodder
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UX Design Techniques: Analyzing User Data
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How do you know your project really fulfills your users' needs? In this, the second installment of UX Design Techniques, Chris Nodder walks through the process of acquiring user data through careful observation, and transforming that data into actionable project ideas. Learn how to observe users interacting with a prototype or existing project, build experience maps that depict those interactions, and analyze the data before you progress to the next step in the series: creating user personas.



(chiming music) - [Voiceover] Hello, I'm Chris Nodder. Welcome to the second episode of the UX Design Techniques series. In this episode, we'll discuss analyzing user data. This is the second course in a series that describes a set of techniques you can use to make your development process more user centered. We started off with an overview of the user centered design process. Now we'll discuss how to gather and analyze user data. In future courses, we'll cover creating personas so you know who you're developing for, using ideation techniques to make sure you come up with creative solutions, how scenarios and story boarding help you fill in design gaps.

How to get early validation for your design ideas using paper prototypes, and how to use all this information to better plan your development cycle. In this installment I'll show how to learn what your user's pain points are by watching them perform the tasks you care about in their own environment. I'll talk about observation techniques. Had to analyze the data you collect. And had to extract actionable product ideas from this analysis. Now, it's time to dive in and discuss the techniques you can use for gathering and analyzing data on your users.

So let's get started.

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